Monday, February 2, 2015


Cream eyeshadow have now become more popular than ever, with more brands offering their own range with a large selection of colours and finishes. They were once a typically high end product available from MAC, Bobbi Brown and Chanel but you can now find many drugstore options at an affordable price point.

Methods of use
You could say this is the most crucial aspect of a cream eyeshadow to discuss, how to use the product and why use it over another alternative like powder eyeshadow on top of an eye primer.

I love to use these cream products underneath eyeshadow to replace an eye primer. By using this method, it's not only acting as a base for your eyeshadow but also as a colour that brings out the shades in your shadow resulting in a more vibrant look. 

The other great way to use them is on their own as an eyeshadow. One thing to keep in mind is that less is more so gently dip your brush or clean finger into the product to pick up a little bit then swipe it on the lid, gently blending it out.  

For the most part Maybelline Color Tattoos are metallic but you can definitely find creamy consistencies from higher end brands like the ones listed above. Mary Kay have also released a range of four colours, all of which are metallic too. NYX offers an amazing drugstore range of jumbo eye pencils where a lot of them are matte and overall very affordable. MAC is your best high end option for creamier matte colours as they have a few in their permanent range.

Brands and Product Recommendations
- Makeup Forever Flash Palette
- MAC Paint Pots
- NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils
- Maybelline Color Tattoos 

That's the basic low down on cream eyeshadow in which we have covered methods of use, formulations and most importantly my brands and product recommendations. In the future I plan to put together more detailed posts demonstrating their uses but for beginners week I wanted to keep it basic.

Thanks for reading!