Thursday, December 13, 2018

Christmas Gift Guide 2018 - For Her

With Christmas quickly approaching the pressure is on to buy for all of the loved ones in your life. 

While gifts are only a small part of the celebration, I'm someone who derives so much joy out of buying fab presents for the people I love! I brings the biggest smile to my face watching them unwrap their gifts and I always put a lot of thought into each item. 

So without any further delay...because Christmas really is just around the corner.. let's get into it.  

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

4 Exercises That You Can Do At Home

Even in summer, we can all be a bit slack when it comes to going to the gym. 

Ok, I booked to go to a 7am class on Mondays, but do I really have to get up that early when I could just sleep instead? On top of this, you have to make yourself look gym-appropriate (that is, not like you’ve unwillingly been dragged out of bed at 7am in the morning) and you have to drive or get the subway all the way there and back, usually before work. It’s too stressful, we think, especially when winter comes around, so we’ve put together some tips for working out at home. Ciao, gym classes!

Monday, December 10, 2018

Life Highlights from 2018

I need to stop living life like I read books – quickly turning to the next page in anticipation and speed reading through the action-packed parts. If you keeping flipping to the next chapter you might find yourself finished the book so focus on soaking up each and every moment instead of wanting to fast-forward everything....

At least that is the advice I am currently giving to myself. It is also the reason why I decided to reflect on this year and compile a list of highlights to appreciate. I honestly did not realise what a jam-packed and achievement filled year 2018 was for me until I sat down and put everything on paper so I would highly recommend for you to do this as a little activity to wrap up 2018. I had some of the proudest moments of my life this year! Let’s get into them…

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Beauty, Life and Health Articles (Top 8 in 2018)

I spend my entire year writing content for this blog so when I look back at the 70 articles I wrote this year - it is extremely difficult to pick out my favourites! 

Because I write for the blog 1-2 times every single week, inevitable I end up putting so much time, care and consideration into writing each article that I find most of them to be quite special accomplishments I am proud of. Each post has a key message or lesson to take away from it and I try to make my articles as informative and helpful as possible.

With that being said, I have scrolled through the content from this year and pulled together a top 8 in 2018 list for beauty, life and health articles.

Simply click the title of the blog posts that intrigue you most. Happy reading! 

I'm very fortunate to have already seen a lot of places in my adult life and wanted to countdown some of the top experiences I have had so far. I've narrowed it down to 15 favourite places that I fell in love with while travelling.

Monday, December 3, 2018

5 Simple Hacks to Make Money

Making money is essential to lead a better and contented life. Sometimes doing a job is not enough to earn a better living and people look for simple and clever hacks to earn some extra cash. 

Although this appears to be fallacy to many but there are many practical and easy hacks to earn money and here we share all the top easiest ones.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

23 Lessons I've Learned in 23 Years

Today I turn 23 years old and while I still feel like I have no idea what I'm doing, I thought it would be interesting to share 23 of the lessons I have learned in my 23 years on this planet. 

I did this type of article last year when I turned 22 and I have set a challenge to myself to not repeat any of the things from that list so head over there and give it a read first.

Now let's get into the 23 things I've learned. 

Thursday, November 22, 2018

The Reading List - 30 Books in a Year

Do you want to get smarter and increase your understanding in 2019? Do what I did this year and read 30 books for a guaranteed way to top up your knowledge. You can even use my list of books read this year as your 2019 reading list. 

If you follow my 'Books I've Read Lately' series you will already be well aware of the challenge I set for myself this year to read 30 books in 2018. I am about to successfully pull it off and thought that I would pull together my reading list from the year. I have split the books up based on the timeline I read them, sharing each edition of the series with you as I went. 

30 books turned out to be surprisingly easy to read so I'm going for 40 in 2019! I read a huge array of authors and genres so this variety kept things interesting and expanded my knowledge in a number of areas. I mostly prefer to read self-help and personal development type books on mindsets, habits and beliefs but I also peppered in some autobiographies, fables, all time classics and even some poetry.

Read on for my list of books read in 2018 and if one catches your eye, click on the edition it is under and you will be sent to my review of the book.

Let's get into it...

Monday, November 19, 2018

3 Meat Free - Healthy Lunch Ideas

With Summer just around the corner you might already have noticed your body’s natural attempt to supress your appetite. In the warmer weather it’s completely normal to find yourself eating a bit less and not having as much of an appetite as usual. 

As someone who was vegetarian for years, I still like to cut meat out of my diet every now and again. I find that cutting out both meat and dairy dramatically reduces the amount of saturated fat and sugar I am consuming. So in this post I thought I would show you three super easy, meat-free meals to try for a light and healthy lunch.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

What to Do When You’ve Fallen off the Fitness Bandwagon?

There would be many perfect excuses to miss a day or two from regular workout routine and strict diet plan. 

You might find it ‘just ok’ to spend a lazy day and eating stuff that is prohibited to you but the problem is that these ‘no big deal!’ days can actually make you fall off the fitness bandwagon. Once you start skipping days from your fitness routines you start losing the motivation to get back to it and it can happen to anyone.

You don’t need to get panic over such situations as there are number of ways to get yourself back to healthy life routine. Here we share some important steps to take when you’ve fallen off the fitness wagon.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Books I've Ready Lately #7

Can you actually believe it?! I only have 3 more books to read before I hit my target of 30 in 2018! 

It has been much easier than I expected and I think I might have to bump it to 40 for next year just to challenge myself a bit more. Okay so here are the four books that I have read just lately.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Behind The Desk - Breakups, Starting a PhD + My Book

Hello! OMG it has been like 2 months at this point since my last BTD! 

I’m at this weird stage where I’m chilling out and Christmas shopping but also nose diving into the deep end to wrap up 2018 with a bang! So much has changed! Where do I even start?

November is my birthday month and also my favourite time of year - I love when it's just getting hot and the beach always seems like a good idea. You can start to feel the anticipation and excitement of Christmas as well as the rejuvenation of a fresh new year approaching. But for the meantime, we get this whole month of in-between bliss where everything is less stressful and you feel like you could handle anything.

Monday, October 29, 2018

How To Multi-Task and Boost Productivity

Multitasking is a rising trend that has taken over the world now a days and usually people believe that multitasking can effectively boost the productivity. 

Everyone likes to do several tasks by themselves and tend to believe that it eventually enhances their creativity and productive skills. Here we will see whether it’s true or not: