Saturday, December 16, 2017

Books To Read These Holidays! Like Must Reads....ASAP

Now that it's the holiday season, you might be finding yourself with a bit of extra time to do some leisurely reading so I wanted to recommend to you a few of my favourites that I have read lately.

Something you may not already know about me is that I am a huge reader. I try and read at least a few books a month and usually through a mix of audio and physical books. I've already powered through a heap more books so expect a part 2 to this very soon. I've very recently powered through a heap more books so expect a part 2 to this very soon.

I love to read a physical book when I'm by the pool, in the bath or first thing in the morning or at night. When it comes to driving, I used to be huge into podcasts but now I've subscribed to Audible and listen to audio books instead.

Monday, December 11, 2017

22 Lessons I Have Learned in 22 Years

A couple of weeks ago I turned the ripe old age of 22. Just kidding I know that's still really young but at the same time I feel as though I've grown up so much in the past couple of years, experiencing more changes than I ever had previously between birthdays. 

I wanted to stop and reflect so that I could share 22 lessons I have learned in my 22 years on this planet. Some are quite life changing epiphanies while others are minor realisations that have still contributed to who I am today. 

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Behind The Desk {December} - Turning 22 Birthday Celebrations, Going to Vietnam + More.

Well we're officially at the end of the year now and at full speed towards Christmas. Lots of exciting things have happened that I want to update you on so let's get into it...

I turned 22 and had an amazing birthday on the Gold Coast with my boyfriend spent poolside with cocktails and shopping. So yeah... my idea of heaven. I was super spoilt by everyone and am feeling super grateful for everyone I'm lucky enough to have in my life. I have an upcoming post called 22 lessons in 22 years where I'm talking through some of the things I've learned / situations I've overcome so far that I want to share with you - keep an eye out for that post. Bring on being 22, I have a feeling it's going to be a good year.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Minimalism Quick Tips - Things to Stop Buying

In our consumer driven society it can be extremely difficult to say enough is enough, and stop buying certain items.

Especially when every second ad is showing the latest hair treatment release or sale on one of your favourite brands. But it's an important part of the process to slow down the spending and stop buying certain things, at least for now until you work through what you already have.

So let's get into it...these are the things you should stop buying as a minimalist to save money and space.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Build Up A Sweat Without Looking A Mess

achievement, activity, adolescent

There are plenty of people who love exercising and staying in shape. But I can’t be alone in hating the way a good workout leaves your body. You’re supposed to look energised, full of life and vigour. But if you’re not careful, a few hours after exercise or even the next day your body can seem dishevelled, your skin can look like it’s taken a beating and your pores can be wide open. If theses issues sound familiar, take my advice, and you can look stunning even after you’ve been pumping iron.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

How You Can Make Your Pup Your Workout Buddy

Sometimes it can be nice to have a workout buddy, and for some folks, their ideal exercise partner is actually their dog! Now hear me out, as there are a lot of fabulous reasons to take Fido with you when you workout such as safety and company, as well as the fact it provides them with a change of scene and sometimes some exercise of their own. With that in mind, read on to find out about the things you will need to do if you want to make your dog your number one exercise partner.

Assess their temperament

The first thing that you will have to do is assess your pup's temperament. Are they well trained? Can the heel when instructed, and do they return when off the leash? If the answer is no then taking them along when you exercise can be more trouble than it's worth. This is because it's likely that you will be more concerned about whether they're going to behave themselves than with focusing on your activity or routine. Something that can be very distracting and negatively impact your workout, instead of positively affecting it.

It is also vital that if you are taking your dog out on runs and walks with you that they are well behaved around other dogs. After all, there may be others running with their pets too, and it can be very disruptive and even dangerous if your pooch is unable to control themselves.

Running with your dog is a popular exercise choice. Picture source

Pick the right activity

Next, you have to make sure that the activity that you pick matches both what you want to do, and the fitness level of your dog. It's no good taking up running, if your canine companion is 15 years old, can't see where he is going and has doggie arthritis!

Of course, if you do want to take an older, or less fit dog along for the ride while you exercise it's best to pick an activity like cycling where you can pop them in a trailer at the back. See this rundown on which is the best bike trailer you can buy for some advice on the different types that are suitable for pets. Remember by using a trailer, they get the benefit of being outside in the fresh air, without it putting too many trains in the body.

Be patient

Last, of all, it is truly vital for a good exercise partnership between human and canine to start slow and be patient with them at first. This is because it is a fairly alien concept for most dogs, and they will not be used to exercising this way with a human.

That shouldn't mean they can't get the hang of it after a couple of times though. You just need to give them space to adjust and not expect them to be experts on the first try. If you can do this and follow the rest of the advice above you can quite easily make your pup your regular workout buddy.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Superfood Supplements I Love

I know there is a lot of hype and cynicism surrounding the term 'super foods' but really all it refers to is ingredients that have exceptionally amazing properties that are really healthy for you.

In this post I'm running through my 7 favourite super foods that I regularly use in my recipes for an added hit of nutrition. I am a firm believer that it's all the little things that add up to the bigger picture when it comes to health and vitality.

So let's get into it...

Maca Powder
Hands down one of my fave superfoods because of how incredible this one tastes. It's somewhere between caramel and malt milk so I definitely don't mind adding this into any sweet dishes I'm pulling together. This one works to improve your cardiovascular system, leading to a healthy heart. It also aids with energy levels and stamina. It's also the perfect addition to a creamy banana protein smoothie for an added caramel taste.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Minimalism Monday - Update

So to bring you up to speed, I finished the initial hardcore minimalism clear out where I seriously culled my wardrobe, makeup collection, files and pretty much all possessions.

If you are interested in a detailed look of what that process was like, you can catch up on other features from my minimalism series including;
Getting Rid of Your Filing Cabinet, Culling My Makeup Collection, Social Media Detox, Managing Your Inbox and Easy Money Saving Tips.

Now I've moved on to the stage of maintaining the minimalism lifestyle and using up what I have - which I'm going to be talking you through today.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

The Perfect Self Care Sunday

I love using Sunday as a day to recharge my batteries and prepare myself for a busy week ahead of working and studying. I treat it like my preparation day where I get everything in order and giving myself a little TLC to get ready for what is always a demanding week ahead.

It's extremely important to holistically take care of your health whether that be making sure you mind is in the right place, you are up to date on your fitness routine or simply that you feel confident about yourself. In this article I'm going to be guiding you through what I consider a 'perfect self care Sunday' and I really hope you give it a try to see if it works for you.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

From Tomboy To Girly Girl

Are you more interested in what’s going on out on the pitch than with what you look like? Maybe you can’t be bothered taking the time to do your hair or makeup, and are pretty happy rushing out the door as you are? If so, it sounds like you are a bit of a tomboy.

There’s nothing wrong with being a tomboy, of course - in fact some models like Cara Delevigne have even carved out a career by being one! But sometimes it is nice to get in touch with your girly side and dress yourself up a bit.

Ready to try out a new girly girl look? Here are some tips to bring out your feminine side.


Brows On Fleek - BOE Beauty Brow Products Review

You may recall the in-depth look at Benefit's extensive brow product range from a couple of months ago (if you missed out, read the post here) but today we are looking into a much more affordable alternative.

The budget friendly brand BOE Beauty have released a series of brow products that will have your brows looking on fleek without breaking the bank. This range is called 'Pro Finish' and includes 4 items; 3 products and 1 brush.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Behind The Desk #18 - Launching My Company, My Birthday + Finishing Uni

We are now getting into my favourite time of year when all the good stuff happens; November represents Uni finishing up for the year, my birthday and becoming a socially acceptable time to listen to Christmas music / put up the tree.

But before we delve too much into that, let's recap October and November so far!


Launching JDC Marketing Consultancy
I finally launched a huge project I've been working on for a while now! By project I mean entire Digital Media Agency! I am so unbelievably excited to release JDC Marketing Consultancy to the world! There is so much to it but in short we specialise in digital marketing and offer services such as; branding, copywriting, consultancy, video content, social media campaigns, email marketing, strategy creation, market research, content management, public relations and SEO strategy. It's a holistic approach to marketing small business online and what feels like a natural progression in my career as I come to the end of completing my Master in Advertising at Uni.

My launch offer is a free eBook '5 Step Guide to Boosting Your Small Business on Social Media' so get your copy here.

You can check out more over on the website here. Follow my on Instagram (@JDCmarketing), Facebook (@JDCmarketing) and/or Twitter (@JDCaus)to keep up to date.