I am approached frequently to review products from companies but I only accept opportunities that I think are cohesive with Jordy's Beauty Spot and am proud to say that I am very selective with what content makes it on here. I only recommend products that I truly believe in and would honestly buy with my own money; my aim is to help you girls through informative reviews so I wouldn't sacrifice that just because a product is gifted to me.

With gifted products, I am never obligated to actually review the item. If I don't like it then I'm not going to review it; it's as simple as that! So everything you see on Jordy's Beauty Spot is credible and honest. 

I am a supporter of the fair compensation manifesto guidelines which believe a blogger should be fairly compensated if asked to do the following things;
  • Asked to write a post that is clearly promotional, NOT editorial… even if our readers might benefit
  • Asked to make specific endorsements to increase sales and/or for promotions with specific terms
  • Asked to publish specific text or specific links in a post during a specific time frame
  • Asked for anything that will be sold for money ie – photos for book
  • Asked for expert in-depth opinion about products or services
  • Asked for contacts, specialized lists of bloggers that might help a brand

Possible product promotion methods:
Contact for business enquiries or if you would like to be sent Jordy's Beauty Spot's media kit:

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