Monday, February 16, 2015


Creamy consistencies, candy colours and a matte but not drying formula, we are talking the Australis Velour Lips from their latest collection.  

Australis Velour lips were once limited to really bold colours such as a hot pink and bright purple but they have now expanded into everyday shades. That's not to say these new colours are any less intense, they are just much more wearable and I couldn't love them more for this latest range. Read on to find out why.

What I love most about the colour selection in the latest range is how wearable but still interesting the shades are. An example of this is where the everyday berry is made more unique due to it's bright pink undertone and you will notice small things like that throughout the entire collection. It's a great way of not having to go for an outrageous lip colour but still making a statement because they are unique and fun shades.

These lip creams don't require a lip pencil since they dry completely within a few seconds after application and won't budge or move around throughout the day. They are the tiniest bit drying but that is to be expected with any sort of long wearing product and they are definitely better than a lot of other drugstore alternatives in that regard.
Swatches from bottom to top; Noo-d Fighters, Rhi Rhi Wine-D, Grandmaster Pash, Ma-Li-Bo, Lun-Dun, Ho-Chee-Min, Hon-O-Loo-Loo and Mil-A-No.

The bottom three swatches pictured are part of the limited edition ACME collection so they have an amazing sparkle to them that most of the permanent range don't. 

If I had to pick three favourites they would definitely be from each colour spectrum; red, pink and nude. For red it would be Mi-A-Me because it's the perfect everyday red that packs a punch but isn't too bold. My favourite pink is Lun-Dun because it has an amazing mauve undertone that makes the colour so interesting. The nude I love most is the coral based Hon-O-Loo-Loo because of the peach tones to it.
The wear time on these is amazing since they adhere to your lips so well and don't budge throughout the day. If there is fading, it's only around the inner portion of your lips from where you have been eating and drinking which is to be expected. You could wear these the whole day, only reapply once after lunch and still have a fresh lip look when you get home.
At only $9.95 each, these really are a great affordable option for everyday lip colours and I would highly recommend them. Australis available at Priceline, Kmart, Big W, Target and chemists.
Thanks for reading!