Saturday, August 29, 2009

Haul 4


So i mentioned in my last post that i was going Summer wardrobe and accessory shopping and yesterday was a huge success! I feel that i bought a lot of really cool items that i can imagine myself wearing this Summer. I got some Gladiators which i was very excited about.

So i bought A LOTTT of clothes so i have decided to pick out some of my favourites because i don't want it to get boring just seeing dress after dress just in different colours (not that i bought the same dress in multiple colours or anything...)

Nevertheless, here are my favourites!!

Jay Jays Shirt: $19.99

MAC Swish eyeshadow $32

Solid Gold Dancer creme shadow $3

Prestige $5

BeDazzled mini shorts: $34.95

Dress $39.99

Gladiators $30

$90 for chain and $160 for pendant


Mikaela-Jane said...

Ooo I love the chichi eyeshadow and those shoes! everything is lovely!


Ashley said...

that dress is so cute!