Monday, September 28, 2009


Hey all,

This morning i decided that since it is Summer i need to have a Summer wishlist. Once I finished writing that wishlist i realized that everthing all but one was a MAC product-so i guess it kinda turned into my "MAC Summer Wishlist". Hope you enjoy :)


Stars N' Rockets: $32

Chrome Yellow: $32

Bitter: $32

Fresh Water: $32

Gold Mine: $32


Snob (Satin) lipstick: $35

Baby Sparks Dazzleglass: $42

Extra Amps Dazzleglass: $32


MSF Natural: $46Dollymix blush: $40


The one other random thing is the Sciphone i9 which is an iphone clone. I need a new phone and it's unbelievably cheap (especially when its a fourth of the cost of your old phone)!

I'm interested to know whats on your wishlist?


VanityMakeup said...

i'll do a post today on my wishlist :)

& careful when buying the sciphone - people have said that some can be fake.


Jane Williams Beauty Blog said...

hi im new to this but i find you site very interesting
you will be broke if you buy all of this stuff heehee

Hannah K said...

pretty colours
now following you

Allison Nickels said...

except yours is all makeup
except for that phone at the end
let me see how that whole phone thing works out for you

Allison Nickels said...

I just left you a comment on your massive haul post asking if you could do a skincare routine i wasnt sure if you were going to go down and see it so i thought i would mention it up here. it just because i was reading your cheerleading post ( and i saw your skin and its gorgeous
i kind of suffer from mild acne and was wondering how you keep your skin so nice?
and i usually hate cheerleaders too but you seem nice

Jordy said...

@ Allison Nickels: i'm not sure if i am going to get it yet...i really so want it though so i will keep you posted. Everyone has been asking me recently my skincare and haircare going to have to get right on that but its just that i recently started a new routine so im just seeing if it works before i reccomend anything. Oh and cheerleaders being bitchy is a stereotype :)

Jordy said...

@ Jane Williams beauty Blog: i know its because of mac being so expensive over here, where do you live?

VanityMakeup said...

Thanks for being so nice,

I appreciate your comment on my fashion blog.

Mac Princess said...

hi jordy
i was just wondering when you were going to send my prize out? no need to rush though :)

Jordy said...

@ Mac Princess: Hey darl, i sent it out yesterday :) Expect to get it soon :)

stellarvixen said...

a splash of colors!!
Stars N' Rockets this is fantastic with purple! heehee uuu GOLDMINE me likey too...

my wishlist are japanese makeup for now ^.^
JillStuart & Lunasol

Anonymous said...

You don't want to know my wishlist, it's waaay too long! Lots of MAC things, of course, but I'd also love a couple of Urban Decay products, and Givenchy's Photoperfection, and...