Friday, September 25, 2009


Hey everyone

Okay, so i told you to get ready for a haul because i was going with my friends to the mall...i was not sure how big it would be so i didnt say much so i wouldnt get you all excited if it was only a few items. Well, its big, HUGE in debit card now hates me!

Oh and straight after i got back from shopping my mum told me that i was offered a job at a hairdressing salon so now i have 3 jobs and an allowance. (that will also answer the questions i will get such as "how do you pay for this?")

The beach yesterday was so fun especially because i havn't been there since last Summer!
MAC Eye Kohl in "Smolder" ($35)

MAC Paint Pot in "Rubenesque"($32)

Pink Tank Top ($12)

Floral Pencil skirt ($25)

Whole outfit only $37!

TBS Tea Tree Face Mask ($18.95)

-Modelista "Star Gloss ($3)
- CG Eyelights ($4.89)
- Chi Chi "Miss too cool for school" eye shadow cream ($3)
- Modelista Lip Palette ($3.20)

- CoverGirl "Last Blast" ($14.36)
- Australis Stayput foundation "Natural Beige"($11.60)


-Eyebrow definer back ups ($5.95 each)
- Cutex French Rose back up ($7.99)

So today i managed to spend $165.83 in 4 hours
Reviews on some products are already planned and feel free to request any reviews on these items :)



stellarvixen said...

shopping spree is an incredible feeling to our soul * hehe

paycheck is coming out soon..i hav wishlist too :P

Mac Princess said...

Dayum girl $165.83 thats a lot of money right there!!!
few questions
whats size clothing are you because the supre clothes look really small?
can you do a fashion video?
hmmm and maybe a review on the tea tree oil mask thing?
Sorry to bombard you with requests
thanks a bunchh
Oh and do you have any tips in regards to blogging because i just cant seem to get back into blogging..

Jordy said...

I'm a supre S in both tops and bottoms
I could possibly do a fashion post...but i dont have youtube so sorry no video
and once a try the mask out i will tell you.
I just think that you need to be inspired
I reccomned an hour at the MAC counter
If not
- maybe just set yourself up for blogging at least once a week then increase the amounts
-make it less of a chore and more of a pleasure by making it into something you love
- get inspiration from other guru's
- maybe rethink the whole makeup thing or just include something else you really like to give you more variety
I hope that helped

VanityMakeup said...

LOVE the haul doll :)

Haha, I quit my job as a waitress so i'm currently unemployed at the moment.

Except for a hair model but there aren't that many showcases lately. I neeeeed a new job, lol.

can't wait for the reviews!

lorien kate said...

Is the Austalis Stay Put foundation any good? I bought the "stay fresh"foundation yesterday and wore it today and it wrecked havoc on my pores!! It had rubbed off by midday... bad bad bad!!
Great haul though! Love the skirt!

Gaby Fauchon said...

I LOVE that Last Blast mascara! But you really paid $14.36 for it? I got it for like $8 here in Canada... 0= Anyways, it's worth it!

I'm following your blog (=

Hannah K said...

you must be rich
thats what i buy in an entier year

Hannah K said...

and may i add that things are cheaper over here in america too like Gaby said we have that mascara for $8

Allison Nickels said...

can you tell me how the tea tree stuff goes-a skincare routine would be nice :)

Jordy said...

@ Lorein BeautyLove: i am going to be doing a review once i get the chance to fully suss out the product :) i hope you can find a use for the foundation :)

Jordy said...

@ Gabby and Hannah K: I know, it sucks being here in australia in regards to the price of overseas products, but it is worth it.

Jordy said...

@ Allison Nickels: a review will be coming once i get to use it a bit more which will probz be sum time next week maybe. Yes i am going to do a skincare routine.