Friday, September 4, 2009


Hey everyone

Okay, so it's pretty obvious when i say that i am in LOVE with Swarovski!

I love their jewellery, it's always so sparkly and of course it's always 100% Swarovski crystals-which i think is pretty cool because you know you are getting only the best and therefore value for money!

This haul is actually from the week before last but this is the first chance i have had to put it up. You may see that i have just bought some single crystals and this is because i also make jewellery and use Swarovski crystals.

2X small, white Swarovski crystals (for earrings)-$40 each

2X small, pink, Swarovski crystals (for earrings)-$40 each

Large white Swarovski crystal (for a necklace)-$57

Gallet Bordeaux (planning on using as an attatchment for wallet)-$93

Halley Jet Hematite earrings-$294

Halley Jet Hematite, 6 pendant nacklace-$725
(I thought the light blue made the magenta pop so changed the packaging but the picture still turned out weird)

Flower Vitral Light mini pendant -$103

So that is my Swarovski haul, please keep in mind that i buy everything with my own money; i have 2 jobs and do chores around the house that allow me to save up and be able to purchase such nice things.



Mikaela-Jane said...

Wow! These pieces are gorgeous!!

I especially love the, Moon!!

You must get a lot of money (from your jobs and chores) to afford all of this! WOW.


Ashley said...

Did you know that your whole haul comes to a price of $1430!!!!
That's crazy girl!!
How long did it take you to save up all of that!!??!!

Ashley said...

lol when i went to post that comment above my verification code was 'lancome'

Mac Princess said...

Can i see your Alex Perry dress that you were talking about in your UPDATE when you talked about things you were loving at the moment!

Jordy said...

@ Ashley: lol, i have very well paying jobs but dont really want to go into the specifics of how much i earn.