Monday, October 19, 2009

Haul 15

This is just a small haul from shopping on Saturday and then my opinions on the purchase so far.

URBAN DECAY PRIMER POTION: This stuff is amazing...i know i'm a bit late but it is such a good product. Holds my shadows so well and stays on all day.

BATISTE DRY SHAMPOO IN "BLUSH": I have dry hair so it doesn't really get oily that often, unless i don't wash it for 4 days or something. So i am not sure why i got this but i guess it is just an "in-case" thing. I only got it in baby size which is 50ml and it smells great.

The Color Institute "Mineral Makeup Collection":
Mineral makeup tends to be messy so i have not gotten around to opening it yet but will do a proper review on the set when i get a chance to use it. It is a pretty good price ($24.99) for 6 items but they are very small and you get only a small amount of product.
It is a set that comes with
-A mineral foundation
-A mineral bronzer
- A mineral blusher
- 2 mineral eye shadow dusts
-A Kabuki

I also got a new phone...but it's not really beauty related so i won't say much and you can ask questions if you are interested :)


* Jen * said...

i haven't tried UDPP yet because it's not available here. what i use is artdeco's eyeshadow base and mac paintpots. =)

great stuff you got!

JustJenny said...

great haul
did u buy the udpp online or is there somewhere you can get it in australia

Jordy said...

Yer UDPP is not avaliable here in Australia either but i swapped it with someone form the US.
If you ever do want to buy it i reccomend swap not ebay. It is much cheaper. But MAC paintpots have done me fine and still do now that i have UDPP :)

If you do plan on getting UDPP i reccomend you swap because it is a lot cheaper over there and you will be getting a better deal by swapping something not as expensive.

lorien kate said...

You go shopping so much!!!! Where'd you buy Urban Decay???? Great haul! :) Lovely new phone x

Karen Law said...

Is that an iPhone I see..?? I have an iPhone myself - I do like it but sometimes wonder what a blackberry would have been like!
UDPP is very good I must admit. It's particularly good in humid weather. And you know what I found to be just as good as UDPP? The MAC paint pots. I think once I'm done my current UDPP I will just stick with my paint pots because they offer a larger array of colours and honestly it works just as well for me.
You're so lucky you don't get oily hair - my scalp gets oily like within 48 hours so unless I want to wash my hair everyday, I have to use a bit of dry shampoo or baby powder xx

Gaby Fauchon said...

I'm looking for a nice dry shampoo... I might try this one!

Monnie Nelo said...
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Monnie Nelo said...

OMG Jordy
you got more urban decay stuff lol
where did u get it lol
Oh its your new "iphone"
xoxo Love Ya

Jordy said...

@Lorein LOL i go every weekend after work. I got the UD off the internet (still not avaliable in Australia)

@Gaby it is a very good dry shampoo so i definatley reccomend it

@princess.monnie lol you created a blogspot :) and yes i did get more UD