Sunday, November 1, 2009


It's that time of month again when i let you know what i enjoyed this month and why.
October went so quickly!!
Novemeber is my birthday month and December is christmas so lots of events to start preparing for. It is so exciting!

MAC "Studio Sculpt" concealer.
Very good buildable coverage!

MAC eyeshadow in "Clarity"
I thought i was getting Fresh Water but meh i guess there was a mix up, it kinda reminds me of charchol crayons because it is so smooth and pigmented.

MAC eyeshadow in "Vanilla" (right)
The perfect everyday hilight!

Artiste rounded powder brush.
Picks up so much product and distributes it evenly.
Big and soft.

Swarovski "Flower Viral Light" pendant necklace.
Perfect for any outfit.
Subtle but gorgeous!

Clinique step 1

Clinique Step 2

Clinique Step 3

Black Heels
With a button on the side and some detailing on the front.
Perfect everyday, very comfortable and super cute.

EcoTools brush set
I have gotten a few requests to do a review on this so that will be coming soon.
I have not found a brush out of here that i do not like.
Specifically love the blush brush and the concealer brush.
My new phone

*I have quite a large collective haul that i need to post which includes some Swarovski
*The EcoTools brush set will be reviewed as requested.
* If you have any requests please feel free to ask.


Hannah K said...

what do you mean you have a large collective haul? didn't you just haul last week? you did! i just went to your post and calculated how much you spent and you wasted $231.86 on absolute crap! you could ahve given that to "Asthmas and Allergy Foundation of America-Michigan Chapter".

so what do you mean you have a LARGE COLLECTIVE haul? is that even possible since you hauled last week and your probabally broke from doing so?

DinaXYYan said...

please do a review on the EcoTools brush =)
the swarovski necklace is really pretty!
and are the clinique products great?

Angela said...

i love clinique stuff too
they really work

Anna said...

hannah k, wats ur prob?

jordy, i cant wait for ya eco tools brush review becoz i saw it in chemist and im sooo tempted~

xoxo elle

Anonymous said...

Hi Jordy! Thanks for the comment on my blog. Those shoes are super cute!
xo em

Jordy said...

@Hannah K
I am sure that the charity you mentioned is very benefitting for many people but i live in Australia and the charity is for Michigan.
I don't believe i am wasting my money and completley love everything that i bought. I think i made some very good investments.

I guess that the haul i have to do isn't that large but i have got a few things to haul.
I suppose that it isnt a traditional COLLECTIVE haul but it is from stuff i have been buying over the past week and not just over one day.

I assure you that i am not broke. Each week i save more than i spend therefore i always have some money in the bank.

Jordy said...

I am very excited to be doing a review on the EcoTools brushes. They are so cheap and affordable. I will work on it through the week and have it up this weekend.

Ahhh i love Swarovski. It is always so sparkly and turns every outfit into a winner.

So far the Clinique products have been fantastic! Clearing up my skin really well. But i have only been using their products for a week now and feel i may have to give it a bit more time for it to show me its positives and negatives. So a review for that will be within this month.

Jordy said...

*fingers crossed* i am hoping that Clinique was a good investment. I know a lot of girls are asking me from school if Clinique is working for me so a review is def on its way. :)

Jordy said...

Thank you so much. Hannah just really does not like me and i don't know what i have done.
I definatley reccomend EcoTools but a detailed review will be up this weekend. There are some brushes you need to stay away from but mainly a great deal.

Jordy said...

I know right, i love the button.
They are great for work.

lorien kate said...

Lol that Hannah K chick is physco....... Review on the clinique 3 step :) ?? Ooooo could you aslo do a review on the Body Shop Tea Tree mask?? - Make sure its honest though!! I dont want to be in tempted into buying something that isnt GREAT :) xx

DinaXYYan said...

Thanks for your sweet comment and reply Jordy!
can't wait to see your reviews!

Jordy said...

@Lorein BeautyLove
Yer i know that hannah girl has been leaving me crazy comments recently.
Clinique 3 step review coming up :)
and The Body Shop Tea Tree Mask review coming also :)
I know, i dont like reading reviews when all they say is "the product is great. absolutley fantastic." then i buy it and its crap they just havnt bothered to tell me.
So i must say that the mask is a little average. I will expand more in a review.

Glamour Diaries said...

Hey, Great post!

I *love* Swarovski

I love EcoTools!

I want Vanilla e/s.