Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Hey everyone,
Christmas is just around the corner, 17 days/2 weeks to be exact (not like i have an advent calender or anything...) and i thought that i should put up my christmas wishlist. I usually just write my parents a list of what i would like for christmas and they give it to santa and then i see what i get on christmas day. I usually ask for things i would normally buy with my own money, that way i save money and don't recieve presents i won't really use.

I will tell you how christmas goes according to what presents i would like this year. In my family Santa brings us 1 or 2 big gifts and they are the biggest gifts of the year. These big gifts may be items such as a handbag and pair of high heels or a phone and a camera. Then there are little gifts on the side like purfume, bikini, clothes, skincare and sunglasses. We then have stocking stuffers which would be items such as nail polish, soap, lipgloss, eyeshadow, toothbrushes, toothpaste, hairbrushes, hairspray, headbands, bobby pins...practically just lots of toiletries and cosmetics.

Every family celebrates christmas differently and there is no wrong or right way.
So into my wishlist...
DKNY "Be Delicious", Green Apple Purfume.
I want this so much. I have been eyeing it for a while because it smells amazing and the packaging is so cute. I want the original packaged bottle because the limited edition one has pop art all over it and it is not my style. Both the original and limited edition are $105.

A Rainbow Bikini
So maybe not as flourescent or frilly as the one featured in the picture but something along these lines. More of a candy coloured than fluro and no frills or sequins because they annoy me and look tacky. I know most of the bikini's i have been looking at are $60-$100. I am prepared to spend that much on a clothing item such as a bikini only because i do not want it discolouring or falling apart in salt or chlorine water.

Yellow Pumps
I would die for a pair of yellow pumps. I would really like fabric over plastic and mustard over fluro. A pair of mustard yellow fabric pumps are wearable and can be dressed up or down. A pair of fluro yellow plastic pumps are over the top and only wearable on the red carpet.

Hot Pink Handbag
I think that a hot pink handbag would make a statement no matter what outfit you are wearing. I think fabric may get dirty so glazed leather would be practical. I am a huge fan of Cab 55 handbags as they always have stunning designs. However, they are only sold at a boutique 4 hours away from where i live and are extremley pricey. Meaning my parents would have to drive 4 hours to then fork out hundreds of dollars. Not very ideal so i am not expecting it to be Cab 55, if i get a handbag at all.

Multi Coloured Sneakers
These would create a statement and make everyone go "wow, nice shoes" without having to go through the pain of sky scraper high heels. I love the vibrant colours and they look so comfortable and versatile.

Oversized Sunglasses
You can never have too many pairs of these. I think i have seen some nice ones at "Forever New" (so reminds me of Forever 21) and "Shades n' Styles".

Clinique 3 Step Skincare System
You are never going to buy too much Clinique. You use it twice a day for a whole year and your going to need about 4 lots of this stuff. I have the lot i am using at the moment, a back up and i think i may ask for one more set just to save me the money later next year when i would need to buy more. At $117 per set i think i would rather ask for it for christmas.

MAC "Gently Off" Eye and Lip, Makeup Remover
I just bought one of these yesterday and now i am hooked. it works incredibly well and again, it will save me having to buy it when i run out later next year.

New Phone
I am kind over my iPhone and want something new. I was looking into a Blackberry but i really don't care for electronics so i am not prepared to ask for a thousand dollar phone that i wouldn't care about. I was looking into this Nokia one but i am still not sure.

New Camera
My current camera is nice but it could be a lot better. It is 10.2 megapixels and i just realized that the one in the picture is only 6.3. Back to the drawing board, on the search for a new camera :)

Please note that i might not get everything on this list, Santa can always surprise you and give you something different. Like that time i got sticks and coal cause i was a naughty girl ;)
Sorry if i sounded bitchy in this post, don't take it the wrong way it's just that i get passionate when talking about my fashion and beauty :)
Do you guys have any phone or camera reccomendations?
What is on your christmas wishlist?


Mac Princess said...

Thats smart how you ask for things that you would usually buy with your own money for christmas so you save your money.

Jessica Holloway said...

you are really lucky. i think the purfume and shoes are really exciting.

Jordy said...

@Mac Princess
Thanks, i was just wondering what your name is because i feel kind of awkward calling you Mac Princess when you know me so well.

Jordy said...

Well i havn't really gotten anything yet. It is just a wishlist but i am really excited for those items yes.

lorien kate said...

youre always apologizing on all your blogs! you have to stop taking peoples critism to heart!! but its just how you are, youre so kind and nice and care about other people!!! so i guess dont change lol ANYWAYS i love be delicious!!! it was my bestfriends HG perfume since a few years back and Ive sorta like stolen her signature scent lol but I love Daisy by Marc Jacobs and Viva La Juicy too!!! x

Jordy said...

GAH i think your right.
No more Mr. Nice Guy!!
LOL i'm joking but yer i shouldn't really care about what they say, they're not gunna stop and i can't help that.

You have really good taste! Daisy is so nice and Viva La Juicy is gorgeous. I only have the small Daisy so i kind of savour it but i have the huge Viva La Juicy so i spray that stuff on like theres no tomorrow.

I think that Be Delicious is just so fresh and everyone seems to like the smell! It is just so universal!

Glamour Diaries said...

Great post!! I've been meaning to do one of these on my own blog as well; I've been seeing Christmas wishlists everywhere & it's so fun! Maybe I'll do it later today :)
I like the shoes! Cute. And I have an oil cleanser which I really like so good choice!


Unknown said...

Hey Jordy! Thanks for introducing me to those yellow pumps! 'Cause now I neeeed to get those! Hahaha. They look amazing. You're so right about be able to dress it up and dress down with those shoes! Love them :D

Did you know that your competition page isn't working? :( I voted today and went to put a comment but received an error. I refreshed the page and it says it doesn't exist? :(

I pressed back and I am able to see the page again, even though its not really there. So I can save all the info or comments if you need me to? Will the page be back up?
Thank you! :)

Jordy said...

No worries.

No i was not aware that it wasn't working. Maybe it is due to all of the views compared to my other posts. I will try and fix it but i dont know if i can, i can't see the post anywhere. It is like it was permantley deleted.

Maybe it would be good if you could save the comments and email them to me at jordysbeautyspot@ymail.com and i will just finish the competition a little bit earlier.

Jordy said...

@Glamour Diaries
Everyone seems to be getting into the christmas spirit and they are so fun you dont have anything to loose.
I really hope i recieve the shoes and one of my presents and what is the oil cleanser you use?

JeanieOBeanie said...

the sneakers are so bad...to die for..lol

Jordy said...

LOL I know. Its strange how i want high heels...but then sneakers?!?!

Unknown said...

Hey Jordy! I sent you an email regarding the competition info. Let me know if you do or do not get it. BTW, I LOVVVVE the new design!!! It is so gorgeous :D I love Black with pinks, or with any colour. But it's also the colours I use for my MAC cosmetics excel sheet lol :)