Thursday, December 3, 2009


Hello everyone,
Today's haul is a mixture of items because it is a catch-up haul as such which means that i am showing you the items that i have missed from previous hauls.

Swarovski "Rhodium Amethyst" Pendant
This Swarovski pendant is a baby pink butterfly that reflects Amber, Apricot, Tangerine, Cinnabar and Corals.

Doll DeLuxe Mini Shorts
These Doll DeLuxe mini shorts are white with gold stitching and seams, pure gold decals and plated gold accents.
Doll DeLuxe Mini Shorts
These mini shorts are the original Doll DeLuxe design with blue demin and Bistre stitching. Also features chocolate buttons. No not real chocolate. LOL

Valleygirl Top
This is just a classic black top that crosses at the back and has strand detailing at the front. A very soft and silky material that hugs your body comfortably.
Santa Hat
Just a deep magenta santa hat that says "Princess".
2 set of earrings. First pair is the brown boubles with gold decals. Second pair is the set next to them with deep blue, aqua and white beads on it.

This was a secret santa present from my friend Ayla. Includes a kitty cat, handbag, shoe and tiara. Super cute!

Ayla also got me this bracelet for secret santa. It is a gorgeous baby and medium pink, clasp, bracelet with pearl details.

Givenchy sent me some purfume samples to review.
Expect a post soon, once i get a chance to use them.

Nivea also sent me an anti-ageing set, moisturiser sample and some lipbalms but i seperated them onto a second picture and my camera is stuffing up. I will update this post later when i fix it.
NOTE: I did not contact these companies, they contacted me. I will give only my honest opinion and am not being forced to give them a good review. I will send back these products if they do not work for me.


Jessica Holloway said...

those white mini shorts are so nice
i think you should do like an outfit of the day or something.
and wow i have heard that nivea sends products to bloggers often but i didn't know to so many.

Jessica Holloway said...

i gave you an award on my blog so please check it out.

Mac Princess said...

I really want to see your jewellery set up because that thingy with holes is genius and i am not very happy with my set up at the moment.

lorien kate said...

LOVE those shorts! both of them!!! and the santa hat is way cuter than the red and white traditional versions haha :) x

Hannah K said...

so lucky to be sent stuff from givenchy!

Jordy said...

Sure, i will add OOTD to my requests. Thank you so much for the award, i will check it out right now!!

Jordy said...

@Mac Princess
Adding it to my requests :)

Jordy said...

I love those shorts too. HAHA that's what i thought. Pink is so the new red.

Jordy said...

Givenchy is a very nice brand, i can see why it is your favourite. I am stunned too that i got sent products, never in my life would i think i would!!