Sunday, December 27, 2009


Hey guys,

I hope you all had a fantastic christmas!! Today i would like to share with you what i recieved from Santa because it has been requested a couple of times. Although presents are a great part of christmas, it is truley about sharing time with your family.
To see my christmas wishlist click

I was highly doubting that i would get this just because they are so expensive and difficult to purchase. I don't know how my parents did it but they really came through and surprised me so much on christmas day. I love the purse, it is so cute and beautiful. More details with defintley be coming up soon.

Forever New purse. This is so adorably girly and actually holds quite a lot.

Guess charm bracelet. If you ask me this is a step up from my Pandora bracelet. So incredibly shiny and i was super excited because i love Guess. More details coming up also.

A Swarovski Bee charm for my Guess charm bracelet pictured above. This is sooo adorable. Super sparkly and unbelivably cute. Expect to see many more of these charms coming up in future hauls.

Estee Lauder earring set. Pure gold and Swarovski crystals.

Matching Estee Lauder necklace.

DKNY "Be Delicious" Green Apple Purfume.

My rainbow Bikini!!! I was really excited to get this because it was on my wishlist and i have not seen any around.

Clinique 3 Step.

Clinique rinse-off, Foaming Cleanser. I have a mini tube and this is the bigger one.

A cute bath set.

Lip Therapy.

Mode nail polish in "Heiress".

Coconut soap.

Breakfast At Tiffany's DVD. I love this movie but have never gotten around to buying it. I think Santa knew.
Jewel Earbuds earphones. The jewels are so sparkly. I have the apple ones but they don't compare to these. Besides, they match my iTouch case.
Forever New sunglasses.

I think this was a joke with my mum. I can never find a torch in a blackout, I somehow always need one when we go out and i even have some mini torches in my lipglosses. This one is super bright too because it is LED.
Forever New earrings in "Peach Drops".

I dont know why but my parents always give me HEAPS of earrings every christmas. I think it may be because i go to a private school and they are pretty strict with jewellery so my parents pick out school appropriate earrings for me.
2x Bevilles earrings.
*Dangly-ish ones with a ball on them
* Sleepers

2x Bevilles earrings.
*Pearl studs
* Cubic Zirconia studs

Wallace Bishop silver studs.

Wallace Bishop pearl and gold love hearts.

2x Gold Net rings
* Thin plated gold ring with ridges.
* Pure gold ring with an amythest stone in the middle, surrounded by tiny Cubic Zirconias.

Swarovski crystal bracelet.
*According to their website, this is an Italian exclusive or something-noice*

So let me just clear this up with the ring being real and bought from the actual Chanel website and the necklaces being fake. You can buy the fake necklaces from a place called "Mobussa".
Chanel ring. One of my favourite presents i got. Very comfortable and super sparkly.

Blue "Double C" necklace.

Red "Double C" necklace.

Tightrope, Floral skirt.

Cotton On, Frangipani dress.

Tightrope "Peace" shirt.

Billabong "Yellow" cami.

Dotti "Pink" frilly top.

Tempt "Floral" dress.

Bright yellow pumps. So cute. Brightens up any outfit.

Piping Hot sneakers.
But these are the 2 standouts.

So i got everything on my list except for the MAC eye and lip makeup remover, the camera and the phone. However my mum said that when i buy my camera and phone she will put $100 towards both and include that as my christmas present. Plus i didn't even need anothr MAC remover because i am not even quarter way through mine at the moment. I am so thankful for all of the items i recieved that were not even on my wishlist. They were amazing surprises.

That took a long time to upload the photos and write captions. I think it is worth it, especially because of the requests i got. If you would like to do one of these posts please do and tell me in a comment below so i can check it out.

As always, thank you for reading and checking out my blog.


Victoria said...


Jordy said...

Thanks, no worries.

Mac Princess said...

at first i was like "say whattt did her parents buy the whole shop" but then i was just like lucky bitch. that guess braclet is amazing and the charm that goes with it is cutey
can u do a post talking bout ur bag cuz personally i dont c whats so special

Jordy said...

@Mac Princess
I agree, the bee is so cute!! I was going to do a post already about the purse. Explaining the materials that are used, colours and techniques. I may also do a post on the Guess bracelet and charms compared to Pandora maybe??

JustJenny said...

amazing haul!
you are so lucky those presents seem awesome
an indepth review on your favourite xmas present would be great
merry belated xmas btw!

DinaXYYan said...

wow, what a great Christmas haul! :)

Jordy said...

Thanks, I think my favourite present was either the Cab55 purse or the Guess bracelet and Swarovski charm. But then again i really like my Chanel ring, DKNY purfume and bikini!!!
I better get started on the reviews. :)

Jordy said...

Thank you Dina!

Jessica Holloway said...

AMAZING HAUL. You got so much for christmas. You got so much jewellery and clothes. So much of everything for that matter. Could you please do a Closet and Jwellery Stand tour? Also would you reccomend DKNY GREEN APPLE B DELISH or does it smell tooo much like apple. Thanks hun. Keep being fabulous.

Jordy said...

Thank you. Sure, i have closet and jewellery tour on my requests list already so they should be coming up soon. I am just trying to figure out how to set it up and what kinds of pictures to take.
I would defintley reccomend DKNY Be Delicious "Green Apple". I have tried red, orange and pink apple but they just arent the same!

Jordy said...

Oh and i forgot to say that it doesnt smell like straight up apple and is not a sour scent. However, it is crisp and fresh like an apple is and i think it will suit anyones smell.

Jane Williams Beauty Blog said...

Those yellow shoes are so high but i love them. I can not believe how much jewlry you got. espesh that chanel ring is priceless. plus so many earrings. lucky

Jane Williams Beauty Blog said...

i love how you are so humble tho
but i cant shake this jealous feeling
your hauls are great and please dont stop but i think i have to stop viewing them. i cant afford any of this stuff. send me some? joking...but it would be great if you did.

Beautyaholic101 said...

hey great haul.
i got the exact same bath set do you know where it was purchased by any chance because my friend saw it at my place and loved it so i wanted to buy one for her. thanx

Marjorie said...

I know what you're saying Jane's Beauty Blog. It's kinda difficult for me to read stuff like this too, all I got for Christmas was money from my mum for uni and shoes from my bf :( and any money I do get is going to my university education, I'm paying myself through uni as my family is pretty poor.

Jordy said...

Thank you, dont be jealous, everyone earns what they get so i am sure that if you work hard it will pay off. Getting a job or helping out your mum around the house will help the money start to come to you.

Jordy said...

Thanks, it says it is from Big W. I am guessing either in the cosmetics area or maybe on those sale racks?

Hannah K said...

oh my gosh it took me forever to even scroll down i cant imagine how ong it took you to unpackage all of these and help them find a plac ein your room.