Saturday, December 12, 2009


Mooo is an Australian company that produces personalised invitations, cards, clothing, puzzles etc. They have everything from baby shower and birthday invitations to chalkboard and wall stickers. They also have a magnificent range of clothing where you can design your own t-shirts.

Some of the products you can buy include
-Thank you cards
-Pencil cases
-Birthday cards
-Invitations (christening, baby shower, birthday party etc.)
-Family calenders
-Iron on labels
-Envelope seals
-Peronalized name puzzels
-Canvas art

I recieved some "Thank You" cards which retail for $1.00 each.
You can purchase these thank you cards here
The thing about these thank you cards is that not only are they sooo cute but they are also very versatile and perfect for any occasion. You can pick you own design and choose your own colours. There is a thank you card for everyone. For a little boy you would pick traffic jam, monster party, construction or dragon fire. For your mother you would pick tea party or full bloom. For you little cousin you would pick ladybugs, birdie party or what a hoot. There are endless possibilities and something for everyone. No matter what you need to say thanks for, if it's for a great birthday present or just being a great friend you know there is something personalized and perfect that you can give them.

This holiday season you can pick gifts from a variety of areas.
To see chritmas cards go
To see gift tags go
To see t-shirts go here
To see wall stickers go

You can visit Mooo


Jessica Holloway said...

I am heading over there right now, i like the look of their christmas gift tags because i can never find nice ones at christmas time.

Swtest2Lips said...

Omg I love your blog! Thanks for stopping by, u are too adorable-Im following you now. Those cards are uber cute-especially the little panda in the corner. Nice meeting you, Im Janice btw! Its always nice to have a new beauty/fashion blogger buddy!

Jane Williams Beauty Blog said...

omg thank you so much i have been looking for a place that sells stuff like this for the past month maybe because i want to give my parents a personalized tshirt and my little sister and peronalized something and i think i may get her the puzzle. Her name is Ashley :)

Jane Williams Beauty Blog said...

oh and that owl ones are soooo cute
i think i might order them considering they are only a dollar each!

Krissy said...

hey, lol thats funny you guessed which perfume i got, i love when random psychic things like that happen :P

Jordy said...

Same, i can never find nice gift tags too!!

Jordy said...

Aww thank you and thanks for following. Yer the panda one is my fave :)
Hi Janice and i agree.

Jordy said...

no worries, i am sure that your parents and little sister will be very happy with their purchases. That is such a cute idea for Ashley!

Jordy said...

lol i reckon, same!

Mac Princess said...

Hey Jordy. Being a loyal and devoted subscriber of yours i have come to you for advice. i need a new haircut and i know you work at a hairdressing salon so i thought you might be able to help me. i have brown hair a a box shaped head. please help because every hair cut i have tried has made me look yucky. by the way BRING BACK THE HAULS. I WONT STOP ASKING UNTIL YOU DO.

Jordy said...

@Mac Princess
Thank you for coming to me :)
Firstly, try to avoid a bowl shaped haircut because that just makes any sharpness stand out.

For a narrow, "box" like face, you should have aims of "rounding" which is possible through length and style. Not so much colour i dont believe. Keep it to medium length hair and wispy bangs.

For styling after your new haircut dont part your hair in the middle and use product to add volume to the sides.

That's about all i know, i have an egg shaped head so i dont know much about box shapes but i hope that pulls you through :) I say talk to your hairdresser, she will know best!

Mac Princess said...

thank you so much i owe you those are really good tips how do you know that? well i guess its cause you work at a hairdressing salon.but i am going to print out your comment and read it to my hairdresser.