Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Hello everyone,
This is just going to be my November favourites. I want to keep in quick with only a few items that i have been thouroughly enjoying this month.

MAC "5 Cool Capers" Holiday Pigment Set.
You have not seen this before and that is because i have not hauled it yet. I still have a lot of hauls to get through but am attempting to break them up.

MAC "Plush Lash" Mascara
This is quite a new item but so far it has shown a huge transformation in regards to my eyelashes. A true pitch black mascara with an incredible gel consistancy.

MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow in "It's A Miracle"
This, also being quite new, is from the "Magic, Mirth and Mischeif" collection and is a gorgeous dark purple and a beautiful shimmery gold.

Chanel "Gadmium Green"
I have already worn this 3 times, it goes perfectly with jeans to dress it down and a mini skirt and some heels to dress it up. A very versatile item that is beautiful in its own right.

Britney Spears "Fantasy"
I have every single Britney Spears perfume except for her new one "Circus Fantasy" and original "Fantasy" is my favourite. I recieved this from my good friend Libby for my birthday and only had the baby size before this. Smells like a sweet floral scent.

Prouds earring and necklace set
I must say that this photo does not show the full beauty of this set. They are super sparkly and sooo pretty. Earrings have been worn everyday and it is stunning when full set is worn.

MAC "Baby Sparks" Dazzleglass
Recently, this dazzleglass is all that i can talk about! It is such a gorgeous colour, so pretty alone on the lips or layered on top of a lipstick.

Kabuki Woven Vamps
Weird name. Gorgeous shoe. You can not really tell but they have a really high heel on them. However, i have worn these shopping a number of times since purchase a few weeks ago. The first time left my feet hating me but after that they were fine. They are just so darn cute!

I would like to know your November favourites! Reccomend me some items because nothing at MAC is really appealing to me recently and i want to broaden my horizons.


Jessica Holloway said...

it is all so pretty
i would really love to see the hauls you still need to do
i find that hard to believe that you still have stuff to haul because what you have hauled in the past week is more than i get in a whole year maybe even two.

Mac Princess said...

can u do a review on the mac 5 cool capers thing because i think i may ask for it for christmas
your hauls are always good so i think you should do them.

Glamour Diaries said...

Cute top! :)

lorien kate said...

You need to do more FOTDs with you using these products! Wow you buy alot of stuff :P Lol Do you like Hidden Fantasy by Britney?? The red bottle? Smells soooo goood, I try it on every time I go past the perfume section, but I never buy it!! x

Jane Williams Beauty Blog said...

I didnt mean to effect you that much. I man, you can still haul and you dnt have to break them up its just more like stop shopping so much and then u wont have to haul.

Jordy said...

Sure i will work on putting up those hauls if you want to see them.

Jordy said...

@Mac Princess
Sure, I will add it to my Upcoming Posts.

Jordy said...

@Glamour Diaries
Thank you.

Jordy said...

I should eh but i just find it so hard for the colours to turn out right and for it to be clear etc.
Ahhh i know, i really need to cut down on shopping cause it isnt healthy. I am just getting into the holiday mode.
Yes i really like Hidden Fantasy, i would say that it is my third favourite behind Fantasy and Curious. Its pretty strong but in a good way because it smells so good. You should ask for it for chritmas. I think it would be worth it to at least get the 50ml.

Jordy said...

Well thats good. Thank you. But i do realize that i have to cut down on hauls but i do not think i am prepared to cut down on shopping.

rottenotter said...

some great buys there!
I've given you an award on my blog :)

Jordy said...

Thank you, i will check it out right now!

Hannah K said...

That bs purfume is my favourite
do you have many purfumes?

Jordy said...

I have a fare few...maybe 30?
I am a purfume junkie and i assure you that it's not good becasue purfume goes off. Thats the only thing!!