Sunday, January 3, 2010


Hey everyone,
So this post is going to be about makeup remover. Drustore vs. High End. I wanted to do this post to help you decide wether it is worth spending the extra $ on high end makeup remover, or if it doesnt even really matter and drugstore can do the same thing.

I have choosen MAC "Gently Off", Eye & Lip as the high end makeup remover.

QUALITY: The quality of MAC is, as usual, amazing. However, you can get the same result by just mixing Olive Oil and water.
USE: Just take a makeup remover pad, place it at the entrance of the bottle and direct the bottle upside down about two times.
FEEL: The feel is really oily and it leaves quite a lot of residue.
PACKAGING: The packagins is really sleek and nice. Very nice to handle.
PUCHASING: You can purchase this at your MAC counter or MAC Pro store.
I purchased this for $32.00
OVERVIEW: MAC is a very nice brand so the quality and packaging are amazing. It is pretty easy to use and easy to purchase. However, it is getting quite pricey for a makeup remover and it has an oily feel that leaves residue.
RATING: 4 out of 5

I have choosen Revlon "Clean & Gentle", Eye as the drugstore makeup remover.

QUALITY: The quality is extremley good. Revlon is always grand quality.
USE: Just take a makeup remover pad, place it at the entrance of the bottle and direct the bottle upside down about two times.
FEEL: It feels like chemicals on my face and stings if you get it in your eye. I think that is weird since it is made specifically for eyes.
PACKAGING: The packaging is very sleek, small and thin.
PURCHASING: You can purchase this makeup remover at any chemist/pharmacy, health store, beauty store etc.
I bought mine from Target for $16.50
OVERVIEW: Revlon has made a very good quality makeup remover that is at a reasonable price and easy to use. However, i dislike how it stings when in contact with you eyes and the packaging is very slipery.
RATING: 3 out of 5

I choose the MAC makeup remover because it is good quality, i am a MAC junkie and the packaging+formula is very nice. The big reason why is because it doesnt sting. I was so close to choosing Revlon because it was half the price of MAC and did just as well but the thing that lets it down is the fact that it sting my eyes! I dont think it is acceptable to have a makeup remover that stings you eyes and it is made specifically for them! Although MAC leaves and oily feel on my face, i wash it off straight after so it doesnt really both me. However, if i ever feel that $32.00 is getting too much at the time then i will look out for another drugstore remover.



Anonymous said...

That was helpful, thanks :)

Jem said...

in my case, my high-end mu remover is Lancome Bi-Facil & my drugstore fave remover is L'oreal Dermo-Exertise.

have you tried them?
i swear that they are almost the same!

Lima said...

Helpful review!
I'm addicted to my Simple Eye Make Up Remover. It smells of nothing! (Fragrance free) and it's super gentle. xx

Mac Princess said...

you are for sure my favourite guru

Jordy said...

No worries

Jordy said...

Yes, i have actually tried Lancome Bi-Facil but not L'oreal Dermo-Exertise.

Maybe i should check out the Loreal one and compare them :)

Jordy said...

I think that simple is better and a makeup remover that doesnt smell of anything and is gentle sounds perfect.

Jordy said...

@Mac Princess
aww, thanks.

Anonymous said...

lol just saw this randomly...i recommend boots botanics soothing eye makeup remover.
simpleelegance x