Sunday, January 24, 2010


Hey everyone,
Today i have a haul for you guys, i went shopping with a couple of my friends and picked up a bit of makeup and clothing. I posted this haul on my YouTube a couple of days ago and here is my blog version.

MAC: Studio Sculpt Concealer in NC30.
You guys know how much i love this concealer. It covers EVERYTHING! NC30 is pushing it as i was previously purchasing NC20 but my actual colour is NC25. however, they don't make studio sculpt concealer in NC25. If that just made any sense. So i will see how NC30 goes but maybe i will transfer back to NC20.

MAC EyeShadows in "Forgery" and "Vanilla".
I dropped my "Forgery' shadow the other day and it smashed. I was kind of upset but it did give me a new MAC shadow to purchase. i recently i have found that no MAC shadows are jumping out at me anymore and if they do, then i already have them. Soit was nice to have to repurchase "Forgery" in some twisted way. I bought "vanilla" for sort of the same reason but i didn't drop it, i just think i am about to hit pan.

MAC MSF Natural in "Medium".
I walked into MAC thinking i would be a light but somehow i am a medium. I always thought that i was meganheartsmakeups skin tone on YouTube but it turns out that Medium is a little too light for me and a little too dark for her. But thatis crazy because i always thought we were the same skintone. I also, am not very tan whatsoever. But anywho..the point is that i needed a change from my regular Studio Fix so i though "MSF". It is gorgeous so far!

MAC Plush Lash mascara in "Plush Black".
This is my favourite mascara of all time. The consistancy is of a gel and the pimgnetation is incredibly dark black. The brush also is wide on two sides and skinny on another two sides. you sort of wind the brush along you lashes and flick it up at the end. This amazing technique leaved you with really beautiful and dark lashes.

MAC Dazzleglass in "Baby Sparks".
Of course i repurchased my favourite Dazzleglass!! Oh and MAC has pumped the prices up. I know it is not by much but it still adds up. it used to be $42 but now it is $48!! It is so weird but worth this gorgeous nude baby pink with multicoloured glitters in it.

MAC Brush Cleaner.
this is quite boring but hey my brushes have to be clean.

MAC Eye & Lip, Make-Up Remover.
I go through this stuff like toilet paper.

Jay Jays has brought out some super cute accessories!!
So i got a pair of yellow, green and pink butterfly earrings.
& a hot pink bow which is also a headband :)

Groove was having a sale which was buy 3 for $2.
I could not pass this sale up because how cheap is that?!?
Especially when the NYX lip pencils are usually $12 each.
So I grabbed myself;
*An NYX lip pencil in "Barbie Pink"
*A JAC Jumbo Eye Pencil in Pink Pearl.
* A JAC Fine Line in "Too Hot Pink".
* JAC palette
* JAC quad
* JAC mono shadow in "Shocking Pink"

I then went to Napoleon Perdis and spent my $50 gift card there.
I fell in love with 3 colours so i ended up buying one with my own money.
They were $25 each so the gift card covered the cost of 2 shadows.

Valleygirl was selling out their old designs at crazy prices but nothing really stood out or if it did then i already had it. So i went to their new range which they just brough out. It cosists of florals and details.
This shirt is floral with a pearl detail around the neckline.

This top is a pink floral design with a beaded halter neck and buckle details.
I love the synching at the bottom=super cute!

this top is so pretty. The colour is a gorgeous blue and the ruffles are lined with black. it then buttons up just under you neck to expose a circle of your chest (haha not what you think).
Look at picture at end of post to see what i mean.

Tightrope always has gorgeous clothes for reasonable prices and this dress was no exception.
A beautiful purple and gre coloured design at the bust and a built-in belt. This dress reaches just above my knees and is very smell fitting. I have a feeling that i am not an XXS. I though i was getting an XS or S but i stand corrected.

The thing i love about this shirt is the fabric. it is almost like lycra it is so silky!
This top also came in pink and yellow but the pink didn't really agree with the yellow and overall the blue was more complimenting.

So i am getting ready for winter already which means cute cardigans and leggings.
I picked up this hooded cardigan with buttons and pockets in the colour black from Tightrope.
I love the fabric, it is so soft and the sleeves are so sily. The buttons feel really nice and the pockets are so cute. I am in love with this!!

So that was my the picture above to see my YouTube version.
(See what i mean about the button up at the neck and leaving the little circle on your chest. A very tastefull circle!)


Krissy said...

Nice haul!! I love the fact that you mentioned Groove has a 3 for $2 sale!! Im so there! Lol and woahhh I totally didnt know dazzleglass was $48, I usually buy it from all cosmetics wholesale (american site) for US$12 lol i dont think I could justify spending that much on a gloss. But they have some gorgeous colours.
Anddd Tightrope is a pretty awesome store too, I bought some gorge things there yesterday for pretty cheap!

India said...

Great haul! Love the pretty clothes and Vanilla eyeshadow is one of my favourites :) xx

Marjorie said...

Sad to hear you broke your forgery! I broke my mac swish but I repressed it, under the howto tab on my page is a tutorial for fixing smashed shadows in case you wanna give it a go :)
Great haul by the way!

Krissy said...

P.S. Thankyou for your comment on my blog Jordy, that means so much to me to know that I have style! lol nah seriously, you are such a sweet girl :) I try to go for fashion thats not the 'in' in, unique things that I'll still look good in, in like 5 years or something!

Laura said...

"I go through this stuff like toliet paper" - haha, i lol'ed :)
really cute haul! & that top is soo gorgeous

Kelsey said...

That lipglass looks beautiful. You hair is also looking lovely and blonde.

Shannon Marie said...

Great haul(:
Thanks for following my blog and thanks for the comment!
You look beautiful. I love your hair(:
xx S

Victoria said...

everything lookss amazing! i love msf naturals (: they give me the per fect amount of coverage

Jordy said...

Thanks, i know it is a great deal!
i think i might look into that website you are talking about because almost $50 for a lip product is pushing it!!
yer tightrope is amazingly cheap!
Oh and no worries haha thanks. unique is always better than usual. Especially when your thinking ahead like that.

Jordy said...

Thanks yes Vanilla is an amazing colour. It is the perfect hilight!!

Jordy said...

I broke swish too!! That is so weird that we broke the same shadow. Well i broke it about September last year but still..
That is great and i have checked the tutorial out but i dont own any rubbing alcohol.

Jordy said...

haha well it's true, thank you!

Jordy said...

baby Sparks is b far the most gorgeous colour i have seen. I just redid my hair about 2 weeks ago.

Jordy said...

Thank you and no worries.
Thank you guys so much for noticing my hair!!

Jordy said...

MSF naturals are very nice. I just noticed this morning that it has a pinch of glitter in the formula! that surprised me so it is like an actual msf but foundation form. haha i think i am a bit slow on that one.

Jordy said...
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Jordy said...

oh and i agree about the coverage, amazingly covers almost everything.