Saturday, February 13, 2010


Hey everyone,
Gossip Girl is a TV show that consists of rich bodies wearing lavish gowns and ah-mazing fashion! It's no surprise that this is a post i am doing considering the show is amazing with the main reason being the couture. One of the main reasons to watch Gossip Girl is to see what tey wear next, you gen so much inspirations from the shows wardrobe and it is just very entertaining to watch all the fabulous stuff be worn. Take a look for yourself in category of character!






Pretty sure that it's safe to say that Gossip Girls are serious fashion icons and always look beautiful.


lorien kate said...

The first 3, Serena, Blair and Jenny, are all so well styled!! DOnt really like Hilarys character (havent seen that series, so dont know her name!) and vanessa's style either!!!

I'm obsessed with Blake Livelys hair!!! She looks good when she's not filming GG aswell, Blair (dont know her real name) on the other hand looks SO TACKY when shes not on set!!

i love Gossip Girl!

VanityMakeup said...

I love Gossip Girl!
I watched all of season one when I was in the Philippines.

I particularly like Blair and Jenny the best, so far.
What season does hilary duff come in?

Amanda said...

Love it.. GG is like my fav show =)
Have a great weekend

xSplendidStar said...

Ohhh very inspiring!!! My fave has to be Blair! Lovee her vintage style :D Never watched gossip girls before because I don't have the channel lol fail I know. All my friends talk about it but I just seem to be way out of the subject LOL


Gaby Fauchon said...

I'm totally hooked on this show! I love their makeup, it inspires me!

Laura said...

oooooh, i LOVE Gossip Girl :)
great post!

Jordy said...

I agree, thats why i put them last!!
Pretty sure i have seen Blair (Leeigton Meeister) in real life and yer she wears those tight leather pants and stuff.

Jordy said...

Thats good, its a great series. I believe she comes in season 4.

Jordy said...

Its my favourite aswell!!

Jordy said...

Yer its a really great series but im sure you will still live without it. It is really inspiring!!

Jordy said...

Everything about the appearence is amazing, its my fsvourite!

Jordy said...

oops i meant favourite :)

Jordy said...

I reckon, thanks.