Sunday, March 14, 2010


Hey everyone,
So i purchased a couple of things from MAC because i mentioned in a previous post that i havn't been to MAC in a while. I am really happy with what i bought and would love to share them with you.
"Talent Pool" Eyeshadow:
This is an amazing ocean greeny blue. It is mainly blue but reflects green glitters. Super pretty for a lid colour!!

"Bitter" Eyeshadow:
A fluro lime green eyeshadow. A shadow i have been wanting for ages and i finally got aorudn to purchasing it.

"Naked Lunch" Eyeshadow:
A beautiful champagne colour that reflects peachy tones.

"Sable" Eyeshadow:
A deep chestnut brown. Very rich and creamy with a butter like consistancy. Looks a lot like "Naked Lunch" in the photo but is a lot darker in real life.

"Love Alert" Dazzleglass:
I vibrant red with ruby pearl. The most pigmented Dazzleglass i have ever owned.

"Extra Amps Dazzleglass":
A bright watermelon pink with green and red duo chrome sparkles.

"Like Venus" Dazzleglass:
A bubblegum pink with baby pink duo chrome sparkles.

"She-Zam" Dazzleglass:
A limited edition Dazzleglass that came out with the Magic, Mirth, and Mischeif, christmas 2009 collection. I saw that my MC had a couple left over and bought one because it's silver. How cool is that?!?

Studio Fix:
This is just my foundation that i used and i thought i should stock up.

Select Sheer Pressed:
I really wanted to try out a new MAC pressed powder and this one is sooo cute with the little sponge and everything. Looking forward to trying this out.
Tell me if you guys have any of these products and what you think about it!


lorien kate said...

the she-zam dazzleglass looks interesting! i use MAC pressed powder and its pretty good!

Krissy said...

Great haul Jordy :)
How on earth do you afford so much MAC stuff!? lol I only ever buy it online because of the ridiculously high prices!

India said...

Ooh great haul! xx

Jessica Holloway said...

The dazzleglasses are super pretty.

Hannah K said...

ii really love the green one!! iit iis so bright.

Jordy said...

It is really cool, i have never seen a straight up silver lipgloss before. I did notice you used the MAC pressed select sheer, i bought it to try out.

Jordy said...

Thanks, i get my money from working. I don't know, i just feel really scared to buy online in case it is fake :(

Jordy said...

Thanks hun

Jordy said...

I know, they are my weakness. Although, i do prefer their pressed powders.

Jordy said...

I have wanted it for ages. So glad i finally bought it!!