Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Hey everyone,
 As you probably already know, i work at a hairdressing salon. I understand that noone can afford to go to the hairdressing to get the perfect blow dry hair before every event they go to. So i am going to tell you how to do it yourself!! So basically 50% of my time when i work is spent blow-drying hair!! You would hope i know how to teach you...
For a tutorial on how to get a "Salon Style, Blow-Dry"...

Start of by ensuring that you have clean hair because it is hard to dry hair with excess oil in it. Wash your hair as per usual; 2 shampoos and a condition. After making sure everything is rinsed out of your hair, run some cold water through it (this helpes seal the cuticle).

When blow-drying, position the dryer vertically with the hair flowing down, this is to leave the outer layer of hair smooth and healthier looking. (It also helps if you plan on straightening your hair as this technique makes it appear straighter through the blowing of heat in downwards motions affecting the keratin in the centre of your hair.) Also, make certain that you dry your fringe in the direction you wish to part it on, it always falls better if dried that way.

If you do not wish to straighten or curl your hair then just take some product and smooth it through your ends and if needed, crown. If you are unsure of what product to use then it is best to base it upon what lok your going for.

*Use gel to sculpt your freshly dried hair in the direction you wish it to go.

*Take some setting spray and apply it in your roots to create volume.
*A smoothing serum is suggested for any fuzzy bits of flyaways.

*Applying hairspray to your brush just before brushing through your hair sets your look.

So i hope that helped you guys to see the method of which a hairdressing salon blow dries hair!
Tell me if you do anything really cool when blow-drying your hair?? I want to know if there are any special techniques that some people may use??



Rebecca said...

Thanks this is really helpful!:)

Anonymous said...

I'll deff dry this! :) I have some layers and a full bang that I like to push to the side.Usually I just blow dry it up and down.haha.And underneath.Then once its completly dry it looks like an afro D: SO I have to straighten it.

Anonymous said...

love your blog, keep it up
thanks for sharing
and thanks for the sweet comments, so sweet of you!


markson said...

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