Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Hey everyone,
I found these gorgeous scans from the 2010 Italian Vogue. I have been reading Italian magazines ever since i began learning Italian 3 years ago and they are amazing things to read. Even if you can't read Italian, the pictures entertain you enough!!

It seems as though 2010 in Italy is all about blonde hair and bleached eyebrows. Everywhere you looked in this issue it was platinum blonde hair and white eyebrows! The hairstyles in some of these pictures are incredible and definetley unique.

To see more pictures...

I hope you guys enjoyed!!

Tell me if your loving the whole bleach and crazy hair thing at the moment or if it's not really your style???


Jessica Holloway said...

The models look close to death but i am loving the bleach look.

stellarvixen said...

am wayyyy to asian to pull off lol
but the models with dirty smokey eyes are gorgeous with attitude!

good eye candiessss

Mac Princess said...

I am thinking of going blonde but i don't think i will ever go that blonde!

Anonymous said...

i went blond and bleach my eyebrows yeah:D

Bellamore21 said...

soo pretty, all their eye colors are either icy blue or gray, striking with bright blonde.