Friday, March 19, 2010


Hey everyone,

EXCITING NEWS!! I got a new camera!! I know what your thinking...havn't i already bought 2 cameras in the past 2 months? The answer is yes but i saw this new camera that was coming out and couldn't resist because it is nothing like i have ever seen before. I also included the other cameras i own at the moment because it is pretty commonly asked what cameras i use (for YouTube and all).

It is the...
Sony HD Bloggie, MHS-PM5

It comes in white, blue, purple and pink so i bought the pink one because i feel in LOVE with the shade of pink it was. It is a portable/compact HD video camera which has the same quality as a Sony Handycam!!
Just a few features include;
* No cords because it has a USB that pops which you plug into your computer.
* Full 1080 HD
* Complimentry 4GB Memory Stick
* Uploads straight from camera onto YouTube (specially designed software)
* A little add on that allow 360 filming!!
All of the above and it is soooo small, cute and compact while being the cutest shade of HOT PINK!!

To see other cameras i own...  

Sony handycam, Super steady shot, HDR-CX7(1099.99)

I bought this camera in a hope to have high quality for YouTube. The quality exceeded my expectations and i was amazed at the high definition resolution. However, when i went to upload it to YouTube is too sooo long because the resolution was so large so i decided that i couldn't put myself through that much trouble and now only use it for person use on occasions and such (because the resolution works fine on my computer, it's just that it takes forever to upload to YouTube).

Sony Cybershot, Optical SteadyShot, DSC-T500
This is the camera which i have filmed all of my Youtube videos on so far. So check out my YouTube section here on my blog to check out it's quality. It is a very good camera and has an ENORMOUS touch screen.

Kodak M1073 IS
This is a pretty standard camera. It has 2.0 mega pixels more than the usual 8.2MPs so it is great for taking still shots. However, i wouldn't reccomend the video recorder because although it isn't that bad of wuality, it isn't HD and you can get much better camera's.

So i just wanted to share with you guys my new camera and then tell you about the camera's i currently own to answer a few questions and possibly help someone looking for a new camera.

I would love to know what camera you use at the moment!
If you have ever used any of the cameras mentioned above?