Saturday, March 13, 2010


Hey everyone,
So this is going to be a review on the 5 Cool Capers set that came out with the 2009 christmas collection (Magic, Mirth, and Mischeif) It is a set that comes with mini sizes of 4 pigments and 1 glitter;
1) Fuchsia – pigment (4/5)
I am always careful with bright pink shadows because they can often make you look like you have been crying, have an eye infection etc. but this is a very nice colour for the outer corner of your eye with a light pink all over the lid. I use this with MAC Swish e/s and it is amazing.
2) Kitschmas – pigment (3/5)
Kitchmas is a really light purple, like lilac. I have a few problems with the grainyness of it therefore fallout is common. A super pretty all over lid colour for a wash of purple.
3) Reflects Transparent Teal – glitter (5/5)
I can not say enough good things about this glitter. It is my first MAC gliter and i can see myself purchasing many more. It is such a fine consistancy and totally doesnt feel like big chunks of glitter AT ALL. It feels so soft like crushed pearl. It adds BAM to your look when you take a clean blending brus, dip it in the glitter and swipe it over the whole lid. Makes any matte e/s look like a glitter whilst blending the whole look together.
4) Deep Blue Green – pigment (3/5)
A beautiful deep dark navy blue that reflects green. Super smooth and glides on really well. It is just a little dark and i would only use a tiny bit on my outer corner with a blue look.
5) Grape – pigment (4/5)
A beautiful deep purple with silver and pink reflects in it. A very nice buttery consistancy as if it has been whipped. The perfect finishing touch to a purple look and is fabulous is the crease.

OVERALL: 19/25
= 76% perfect
= 24% to be improved

(I have been learning about percentages in math...who said they dont use math?!? Cause i always do!)
I think i would repurchase all of these pigments. I am so glad i purchased this holiday set because they gave me mini sizes of them and i can't even see myself going through that much pigment. It is true you need the SMALLEST little dab in a pigment to do your WHOLE eyelid.

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India said...

This set looks gorgeous! Regret not getting it now..xx