Friday, May 21, 2010


Hi everyone,
A lot has been going on recently, hence me being MIA recently. I have a few things to share with you and some exciting news so i thought an update was necessary.

Firstly i have been purchasing a few new things that i thought might be fascinating to share. To start with i have been stocking up on some DVDs including "The Notebook", "Private Valentine", "The Lovely Bones", "Meet The Morgans", "The Invention Of Lying", "New Moon", "2010", "Love Wrecked", "The House Bunny", "Blonde Ambition" and a few others but that's all i remember at the moment.
Also, to my excitment, i purchased a new laptop! I had a "MacBook Pro" except i couldnt live without Microsoft Office so i bought a new one which is the "Vaio E Series; VPCEB16FG". I bought a new phone about a month ago which is the "HTC Touch Pro 2" and that runs on Microsoft Office so basically i can't live without Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, OneNote, Outlook etc.

I have been pretty busy with assignments and such but that had begun to settle down and hopefully it won't start back up in a hurry. I just came home from a HPE camp (EDIT: Which for those of you who were asking is a health and physical education camp, so a camp that specifies in lots of physical activites). It was really fun we participated in hiking, canoeing, heights and surfing. (I will be posting a seperate entry for camp going into more detail) This weekend i am working at the Hairdressing Salon and the Bakery. Then (and this is the exciting news), I am taking the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off school to work in the city for a modelling agency. It isn't work experience in any way, i am modelling for a popular couture store. For those of you who may ask which one, it is in my contract that i can not disclose the company name of the store i am modelling for until the prints are finalized for their campaign but i will definitley tell you all when i get the all clear. (EDIT: Yes, i am being paid).

I really do want to get back to posting regularly, proper beauty posts..but i havn't been inspired recently so i am just going to wait for that little push of inspiration i need to get me back blogging :D


Victoria said...

congrats with the modeling! i love all the movies you picked(:

Anonymous said...

You always have such pretty pictures that arent fuzzy. I never find pictures like yours on google images so how come u can?

Jordy said...

Thanks, im pretty excited. It is probably one of the biggest jobs i have had lined up so far.
The Notebook is amazing, i almost forgot how beautiful it is.

Jordy said...

Thanks, i don't google image much due to the lack of quality is photographs. I tend to use photo sharing websites such as Flickr or :D