Sunday, June 6, 2010


Hi everyone,
I think i have found the perfect Shampoo and Conditioner!!
Redken "Extreme`" Shampoo and Redken "All Soft" Conditioner.

Redken "Extreme`" Shampoo:
This shampoo lathers really well into a foamy texture which leaves my hair feeling clean and fresh. I smells AMAZING and is very moisturising for a shampoo. The quality is really good and you only use a small quantity per use so it is long lasting.

Redken "All Soft" Conditioner:
At first i didnt like this conditioner because i felt as though it was so moisturising and left me oily however i have found that if you only use it on your ends then it's perfectly fine and incredibly mending, softening and moisturising for your ends.

Combined Effect:
I have always used my conditioner on my roots as well as my ends despite prior knowledge of the "ends" rule but it always worked better for me to apply to me roots as well because they were always dry too. But this is when the "perfect combination" concept coomes into it. The shampoo which is used only on my roots is just the right amount of moisturisation so that i dont even need to apply conditioner there because it is TOO moiturising for roots but the perfect amount for ends. I know that was a ramble but i am just so excited to have found something that works amazingly for my hair.

This combination works really well for me and makes my hair look and feel amazing.

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lorien kate said...

i use the extreme shampoo :) but its like protein based, so ill used it only once a week! too much protein is a baaadddd thing. but with the all soft conditioner which is moisturizing based, theyd work heaps well together! great combo! :)