Friday, June 25, 2010



The "updo" is a classical hairstyle with many variations that can be worn all year long. I will be further explaining two variations of the updo; messy bun and sleek bouffant. Wacking hair up in a messy bun is a perfect way of disguising a bad hair day. A sleek bun is often appropraite for formal occasions and gives the appearence of seeming dressy and sophisticated without much effort.
Messy bun:
This look can be worn on any occasion but usually fits best into casual settings. Just pull it back into a bun at the level you please and secure with a hair tie or clip. Pull a few strands of hair out to frame your face and finish with a headband if wanted.

Sleek bouffant:
A sleek bun which can be refferred to as a bouffant is often seen as very elegant; perfect for a formal evening and sure to show off your beautiful face. One of my personal favourites is putting your hair into a ponytail and turning it into a plait; roll it up on top of your head and fasten with a bobby pin. The plait keeps your hair neat and in place. Use a bit of hairspray to ensure no flyaways and you have yourself a sophisticated hairstyle ready for a special occasion.


Anonymous said...

i love your posts

Unknown said...

I love updos, especially now my hair is really long.