Monday, July 5, 2010


As you guys know; one of my part time jobs is working at a hairdressing salon.
However, i am not a qualified hairdresser and don't intend of venturing that far into  the feild of hairdressing so the majority of work i do can be classified under tea and tidy or ametuer hairdresser. I complete tasks such as rinsing colours, toning, making coffee, colouring, perms, straightneing, blowdrying, mixing colours, finalizing sales, stock managment, pricing etc.

But in no way am i qualified to trim, cut or style hair so i think i went against logistics when i decided to cut my dad's hair.

My dad grew his hair extremley long, probably about 16inches long because it was a bit shorter than mine (18inches). He decided he would lay his faith with me and trust me to cut his hair despite the fact that i have done some terrible things to some barbies nor am i qualified.
But i think it turned out quite well, he went from 16inches to above the colar, normal length mens hair. I did some layering, thinning and styling after of course the initial length difference.

If you would like to see some photos i am able to post them so just tell me if your interested and i can do so.


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Anonymous said...

what happened?? why are you posting about pointless things like this or making sushi or whatever. you're videos are getting worse and look extremely unprofessional. no one wants to know about what camera you have or how you can afford things other people can't. your blog is about makeup and fashion, keep it that way. it used to be really good and worth reading, but now its just gone down hill.

Jordy said...

Sorry hun,
Hair is covered under beauty. I am interested in a lot of other things apart from beauty as i'm not all that superficial. In my description i imply i have interests in the aspects of music, movies, photography and basically everything and to expect a large variety of subjects to be covered on my blog. Sorry you feel that way but your the 1% of negativity i get. As long as im having fun writing and talking about things i enjoy i'm content with the way i am venturing into the role of being a guru.