Friday, July 30, 2010


Hey everyone,
This post is a review on the Sally Hansen products that i picked up a couple of weeks ago. I hope you enjoy :)

If there is a specific product you want to read the review on, i am going to number it then you can scroll down and read the desired review. That way your not having to read through everything to find out what you would like to know.
Sally Hansen 1. Hard as Wraps-Hard as Nails, Acrylic Gel  2. Diamond Strength-Instant Nail Hardener  3.Quick Care Growth Treatment Pen  4. Diamond Strength Polish, Top Coat  5.Lip Polish in "Engaging".

1. Sally Hansen, Hard as Nails-Hard as Wraps, Acrylic Gel
This product is to be used as a base coat for your nails. I say this because everytime i use it as a top coat i get these weird bubble things which are not that attractive. It is also targeted by saying an acrylic gel which is generally used on a bare nail as a base coat, providing a protective sheild around your nail. Using it this way makes your nails a bit thicker, a lot stronger and definitley healthier.

2. Sally Hansen, Diamond Strength Nail Hardener.
This is another product quite similar to the Acrylic Gel mentioned above however it is moreso a hardner rather than a protectant sheild. Use this as a base coat or just a clear treatment for the nails and you will eventually see them harden and become healthier.

3. Sally Hansen Quick Care, Ultra Smoothing Growth Treatment.
This is an extrmley cute item which i adore. It is perfect to throw in your purse for on the go use or just be an extrmley convenient way to paint your nails. Virtually, what it is a pen version of a nail polish. Underneath the cap is a brush and you click the end to disperse the polish onto the brush and onto your nails :) It is supposed to be a growth treatment therefore targeted at allowing your nails to become a lot stronger and healthier to enable them to be more prone to growing.

4. Sally Hansen Diamond Strength No Chip Nail Colour-Clear
This is just a polish from their Diamond Strength nail polish collection. I wasn't drawn to any of the colours from this collection but i still wanted to try out the formulation and such so i just got a clear one. I forget the name-it is something like bare or clarity. I prefer the OPI polishes to this but it is a cheaper alternative. these retail for $13 whereas OPI is $20 but if you want really good quality i would go with OPI. I also prefer the brushes of OPI.

5. Sally Hansen, Diamond 12 HR Lip Treatment
This lipgloss tastes soooo yummy and smells delicious however it is extrmley sticky and the glitters are quite chunky. Not compareable to a high end makeup item and for $14 you would want it to deliver more. I didn't have very high expectations-i just loved the colour and wanted to try it out. I also definitley doesnt feel like it would stay on for 12 hours or be used as a treatment.

So there you have it :)
My opinions on my latest Sally Hansen purchases!!


lipton|TEE said...

Great review. I've been looking for some nail hardner/stregthner for quite some time.

Anna said...

i too totally belif in sally hansen nail strengthening! really makes my nails harder!

xoxo elle

Suyinsays said...

great review!

with lots of love
suyin xxxxx

k . . . said...

Cool products and great review! I'm gonna try to find some of these Sally Hansen products and try them out. xoxo

S said...

They are awesome products! :D

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