Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Hey everyone,
I went shopping yesterday and got some more new stuff. I kind of got heaps of tanning stuff and thats because summer is coming up. FINALLY!! :) Personally, i am a fan of putting fake tan over a real tan because i find it just enhances it and makes it look amazing then of course the actual tan enhancers are amazing!! I also purchased a couple of clothes and a few other things but thats about it.

So here is just an overview of all the products!!
Garnier Ambre Solaire ($14)
This is a spary on tanner except it takes a while for the true colour to develop. So kind of like a gradual spray on tan which i think is pretty cool.
MAC "To The Beach", Bronze Body Oil ($48)
I LOVE body oils and tan enhancers for jsut an all over glimmer while at the beach and was soooo happy when i saw MAC had one from their "To The Beach" collection. I am suprised i didn't see it earlier.
Sugarbaby "Bronze Bombshell" ($10)
This is a cream gradual self tanner. You jsut use it as a moisturiser and eventually it builds up into a bronze tan.
Sugarbaby "Island Glow" ($10)
This is a tan enhancing shimmer oil which is similar to the concept of the MAC one i purchased. I thought maybe i could do a comparison on the two.
Sugarbaby "Golden Glamour' ($10)
This is a spray on tanner. It says it includes a fine mist which creates a very natural look. I actually tried this product out and it looked soooo natural! Not orange at all!
Sugarbaby "Sun-Believable" ($10)
This is a instant self tanning mousse. I basically just grabbed one of each method of self tanning haha. Mousse sounds interesting :)
Sugarbaby "Bronze Radiance Cream" ($10)
I also picked up the MAC "Zoom Lash" mascara ($30)
Then next stop was some clothes shopping at Temt..
Temt Top ($10)
I am in love with the synching and details including cute buttons and patterns on the top half. This is perfect because it would look great with a pencil skirt due to the details on the top.
This second Temt top ($20) is following the mint trend that i have seen quite a fair bit off. It is also following the sailor trend with the cute little sailor buttons and stripes.
Here is a closer picture of the button details.
Next is this really cute lace summer dress. I love the white colour, it looks really pure and and so feminine because of the ruffles and details.
This was from Ally ($25)
The material is gorgeous!!
Also from Ally, this next dress looks gorgeous ($20) and reminds me so much of the greek trends and of course the details on the shoulder which i have seen a lot off.
Thanks for reading!!!


Krissy said...

Wowwww all your tan products!! :D I have just started fake tanning in winter for the first time and Im looving it! Im alternating between palmers cocoa butter gradual tanner and neutrogena foaming fake tan, and theyre great!

lipton|TEE said...

The sugar baby bottles are so cute. I love that last dress.

SimplyGunaaa said...

I love the last dress. It's absolutely gorgeous.

Jordy said...

HAHA yeah i have never really been into fake tanners but i think it is going to make this summer interesting :)
Yeah they are adorable, thanks i really like it too.
Thanks sweetie, i love the shoulder details and it is kind of transparent but it makes it interesting with what you could put underneath.