Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Hey everyone,
This is going to be a review on MAC Blot Film!!
Blot film is a handy little tool used for the purpose of soaking up excess oil on your skin without removing your makeup. They are perfect to be used in replacment of your pressed powder as reapplying a powder can eventually cause your makeup to look cakey in comparison to the removal of oil.

MAC blot film actually came out with the "MAC Survival Kit" and has since become an item in the permanant collection. "MAC Survival Kit" was introduced specifically for Fashion Week 2009 targetted at the makeup artists as these being must have items! See below for the full collection..

I have to say i am IN LOVE with these products. Everything about them!!
Packaging: The beautiful plastic that reflects different colours dependent on what light you are in.
Feel & Texture: Silky smooth wrap that makes your face feel amazing.
Sucess rate: It absorbs the oil. It really does. As gross as it sounds, you can see it on the paper as you use it!!

So i am in LOVE with this product. I have nothing bad to say about it. i think i can even justify spending $21 per 30 sheets on this amazing product!!!!

I hope you check it out!!!

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The Beautifier said...

hmmm sounds a really cool product to try! xoxo