Saturday, July 10, 2010


Hey everyone,
This is going to be a review on..
OPI Swiss Hand Guard, Antiseptic Handwash Gel.

So basically it's just a hand sanitiser by the brand of OPI. I guess they added a hand sanitiser to their tools and accessories within their nail care brand.

They come in a range of sizes, suiting your desired use. I found the small one to be my favourite because it didnt have a squeeze top but instead a really tight cap so no chance of it leaking in my purse. Speaking of purse, being 30ml it is the perfect size for one!!!

The smell is amazing, like peppermint and mint leaves. The packaging is SO CUTE!!! Pink tinted hand sanitiser, who can beat that?!?!

It is made out of a recyclable plastic (13)
It is produced in the USA but accompanied by the Netherlands head office.


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