Saturday, August 14, 2010


Hey everyone,
So i went into Inglot a couple of days ago and purchased my very first product (as far as im aware) by them. I had the honour to meet one of my subscribers on youtube you can visit her here. Amy was extrmley helpful and introduced me to the freedom system which basically means choosing a palette and picking which colours you would like to be put in it.

I swatched a few colours and was amazingly impressed by their pigmentation and quality..not to mention the range of beautiful bright colours. So i picked 5 shadows that stood out for me to test out :)


danoh131 said...

oh wow are you in Brissy too?! Or are you just visiting? Because I know Amy is in Brissy lol sorry i know that's random :P

Anonymous said...

Oh those colours are soooo pretty! Amy's cool, I had no idea she worked at Inglot but I remember that awhile ago she was looking for work in the industry! That's awesome she got the job.

Love your blog and vids Jordan! xo

Jadegrrrl said...

love the purple so pretty <3