Monday, September 13, 2010


Hey everyone,

Yes, i am a beauty guru but i have to admit that i don't know everything. An example of something which i am not completley confident in is curling my hair...i can not even begin to explain how much of a fail this is!! I was just about to have a shower and decided that maybe i would play around with my hair because i hear that the less freshly washed hair is, the better curl stays. So i decided to try to curl considering it has never been an interest of mine and i began to get the hang of it. Trying out different techniques was pretty fun and although the end product is a failure..i still had fun :)

Oh and i agree i should have acess to a camera anymore haha because i take too many photos. Keep in mind boredom is what got me into this mess so i wanted to document the whole thing :)

I filmed a video as well on this but i am going to wait until tomorrow to upload it so check my youtube channel ( tomorrow to see the video which goes along with these pctures :)



The Duty of Beauty said...

No fail.
Adorable <3

maria said...


Rebecca said...

I actually love your hair!My hair will never curl, no matter what I do. It's stick straight no matter what.:(:(:(

Anonymous said...

lol it wasnt a fail - good job!!