Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I wanted to share with you some things that have been going on with my life currently so here are some pictures from some recent events.

Firstly, there was the Jason Derulo concert that my sister dragged me too. It turned out being a quite enjoyable evening despite my lack of interest in him.

Then there was Halloween where as a family event, we went to the Movie World "Fright Night" which was amazing.

Yesterday i got my belly button pierced so it was also an exciting day. For me, it didn't hurt at all!! I was so nervous and expecting to be in a lot fo pain afterwards but it didnt hurt one bit for me :)

In more exciting news, i have been redecorating my room and have bought some really gorgeous lanterns and a nice DVD display.

Oh and formspring is back :) So you can ask me anything you want; advice, reccomendations, favourites and basically everything you want to know :) www.formspring.me/jordandanielle1

I think thats about all :) I finish school in 2 more weeks and that means i will be able to blog all the time :)


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