Thursday, July 28, 2011


Hi everyone,

AIM: To create a low cost beauty item from home. It is so unbelievably true that you save so much extra money making yummy beauty treats for your body yourself using household items rather than investing in an expensive cosmetic scrub. I personally believe that although it is justifiable to spend so much money on makeup, there can be little cost to other skincare treatments you can make yourself for your body. So today i am going to be teaching you how to make your own honey and sugar scrub with as little as 3 products; honey, sugar and oil.
PURPOSE: Scrubs are beneficial for your skin due to the outermost layer of your skin accumulates dead skin cells that need to be removed and which normal bathing does not provide the exfoliation that your skin needs.
COMPARITIVE TO: The antioxidants in coffee, cocoa, chocolate or wine.

1. Warm a jar of honey in the microwave for a few seconds until it becomes runny but not too hot to the touch.
2. Pour about 1/4 cup of the honey (eyeball it) into a bowl.

3.  Stir 2 tablespoons of oil, this can be coconut, almond or even baby oil.
4. Now you add sugar to the oil. This sugar can be either brown or white but i think brown sugar is a little more moist compared to white sugar and you may prefer brown for the extra nourishment.
5. In the shower, wet your body then turn the shower off.
6. This is when you apply the product. Place some of the mixture in your palms and massage in a circular motion all over your body. Remember not to do this while the shower is running to be sure that none of the mixture is washed off before you get the full effect.
7. Then rinse off and you are all done :)
RESULT: An affordable body srub which with regular exfoliation will remove the dead outer layer of your skin and make your skin feel younger, smoother, softer and healthier later of skin.

USAGE: 2-3 times per week

- promote increased blood circulation
- fight cellulite
- open and cleanse pores
- remove dry itch and flakiness
- good to use before tanning to promote an even tan
- nourish and moisturize you skin
- can be used as a shaving "cream"
- can be used as a one-minute manicure or pedicure


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