Sunday, July 3, 2011


Are you part black?
hahahahaha mmmmm not at all!

Have you graduated froms chool yet?
not yet :)

what is your favourite tv show on cw?
we dont have that channel in australia so im not sure what kind of shows it has but i have a lot of favourite tv shows including one tree hill, the hills, the city, the simple life, gossip girl, veronica mars, la ink, kendra, keeping up with the kardashians, khloe and lamar, kourtney and khloe take miami, kourtney and kim take new york and ice loves coco. I watch A LOT of tv haha :)

your cousin is megan parken?
haha no! we live in totally different countries!!

Can i be your German boyfriend?
I'm in a monogamous relationship with my boyfriend of over a year so i think he wouldnt really be down with the idea buuuut considering its a completley different country and i dont even know who you are...sure mr. anonymous i think that could be okay :)


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