Thursday, August 25, 2011


August is almost over so it's time to do an "August Favourites" post. I have not included names of these items but you can probably clearly see from the picture. I just wrote a little comment for each item explaining why i loved it so much in the month of August. 

 I have actually been loving this dazzleglass to just keep in my purse to quickly and conveniently touch up.
 In general, i have really gotten back into MAC eyeshadows this month and have been using them on a daily basis.
 Usually i stay away from green shadow because it clashes with my already green eyes but i have found myself really into greens this month.

 A green i would normally NEVER reach for but i have been blending this really nicely into the above shadows and it really creates a lovely combination.

 Again, another shadow i would steer clear from and wonder why i ever purchased it but i have been lightly dusting this over eye looks to add some sparkle and it looks great.

 This is the most gorgeous colour for night time and is a great replacement of your black in a smokey eye look to soften your makeup a little if you are doing a bold lip or match your outfit if you are wearing navy or blue.

 Don't be intimidated by the fact that this is the brightest blue MAC has to offer, lightly blending with a fluffy brush into your outer corners of your eye really brightens up a blue smokey eye look.

 I have found this colour the perfect base for a lot of looks and very mixable with other eyeshadows.

 Super cute to leave your lid bare and put this in the crease or lightly dust some over your lids.

 MSF'S!!!! I totally forgot about these and refound these amazing products going through my collection this month.

 Interesting combination of favourite eyeshadow colours for this month but i found them each individually gorgeous.
 Such a good palette for when i am too lazy to bring out all my individual MAC eyeshadows.

 The LADY GAGA LIPSTICK!! Blue toned, nude pink lips have been my choice of lip colour to soften my dark and bright makeup this month.

 MY IPAD!! Lifesaver when i am bored and keeps me organised plus it wakes me up in the morning!!
Lastly, it has been sooo cute and convenient having all of my makeup tools kept organised in this cute holder. ( Priceline for less than $20!).

So that is the end of my August favourites :) Please tell me if you did one of these posts so i can check it out xx


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Unknown said...

Great Favourites! Love that container you use to keep all your makeup tools in! Wish we had things like that here in the UK! :) xxx