Sunday, October 23, 2011


Ma Bar Bubble Bar
Price: $8.50
Smell: Chocolate, Honey, Toffee.
Like: It makes you smell delicious and the scent lingers on your skin. Creates amazing bubbles.
Dislike: The scent makes you feel a little sick if you sit in the bath for too long.
Uses: 2-3
Sex Bomb Bath Bomb
Price: $6.75
Smell: Jasmine, Sage, Ylang Ylang.
Like: Your bathwater acually turns fuschia pink. Quite a large bathbomb so lasts a couple of minutes.
Dislike: The rose in the middle goes all goey and is gross to clean.
Uses: 1
Dorothy Bubble Bar
Price: $5.95
Smell: Ylang Ylang, Sweet Figs.
Like: Makes amazing bubbles. Reasonably priced.
Dislike: Doesn't turn your bathwater very blue. Smells a little like cleaning products.
Uses: 1-2
Think Pink Bath Ballistic
Price: $5.50
Smell: Tonka Bean
Like: The little confetti hearts throughout it add a really cute detailed touch.
Dislike: A very small bath bomb so doesn't last very long.
Uses: 1
Tea Tree Toner Tab
Price: $1.95
Smell: Tea Tree Oil
Like: The concept of how it is supposed to improve the condition of your skin.
Dislike: The scent is very overwhelming and strong so it made my eyes sting a bit.
Uses: 1
Ickle Baby Bot
Price: $3.95
Smell: Lavender, Sandalwood oil.
Like: The cute little robot shape. The calming effect.
Dislike: Doesn't last too long.
Uses: 1
The Comforter Bubble Bar
Price: $10.50
Smell: Blackerries, Vanilla.
Like: The moisturising feeling which this leaves on the skin. The amazing bubbles it creates.
Dislike: Nothing.
Uses: 4-5
Melting Marshmellow Moment Bath Melt

Price: $8.50
Smell: Marshmellows
Like: It lasts a while, floating around your bath.
Dislike: It doesn't do too much to the colour or texture of your water. Have to mix it with a bubble bar or bath bomb.
Uses: 1
Flosty Gritter Bubble Bar
Price: $7.50
Smell: Blackberries, Vanilla, Musk.
Like: The colour that this turns your bath is beautiful and the glitter in it is gorgeous.
Dislike: The glitter takes a while to clean up afterwards as it sits on the bottom of your bath.
Uses: 1-2
Sunnyside Bubble Bar
Price: $8.50
Smell: Lemon, Orange.
Like: This makes your bath look amazing, so gorgeous, glittery and bright!
Dislike: Like the pink one, the glitter stick to your bath so it makes it a bit difficult to clean up afterwards.
Uses: 1-2

Do you have any Lush favourites which your reccomend i try?


Gaby Fauchon said...

I'm really tempted by Ma Bar and Melting Marshmellow Moment! I think I have The Comforter somwehere in my stash, can<t wait to try it!

t said...

Great reviews!