Sunday, October 9, 2011


Hey everyone,
I have a product rave and review for you today featuring some Sugarbaby lipglosses i have had in my collection for a while but have ony recently fell in love with! I originally bought these lipglosses to be able to compare with MAC "Smile", "Love Alert" and "Baby Sparks" Dazzleglass' and never found another use for them until now. I can not stop using them, which is okay because they seem to be lasting me a long time. Unlike a MAC Dazzleglass, the amount of product in the tube doesnt decrease dramatically with each use. Considering these Sugarbaby glosses are $20 and MAC Dazzleglasses are $ is quite obvious which is the better investment. Don't get me wrong, i adore MAC Dazzleglasses but sometimes they are just a bit too expensive, sticky and used too quickly. These are afordable, have a smooth formulation and obtain a large amount of product. For my Australian readers, i reccomend you get your hands on these gorgeous glosses! You can purchase them from Myer, David Jones and selected Target's.  

 I picked up the colours "Weekend Fling", "Sure Fire Romance" and "Bare & Beautiful"
  "Weekend Fling" is comparable to MAC "Smile" and "Goldyrocks" Dazzleglass. It is a midtoned peachy colour with gold and pink sparkle. It is a gorgeous bright summer colour and looks lovely over a peachy orange lipstick.

"Sure Fire Romance" is probably the closest match you will find to MAC "Love Alert" Dazzleglass. It is a deep red colour with pink and gold sparkle. It enhances any red lipstick but also looks great on it's own.

"Bare & Beautiful" is comparable to MAC "Baby Sparks" and "Bare Necessity" Dazzleglass. It is a light, nude baby pink colour with magenta and blue sparkle. It helps bring alive nude lipstick or gives a natural look on the lips alone.

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