Friday, November 18, 2011


Always apply a base coat or nail hardener before putting polish on.
These products act as a protective barrier against the polish staining or damaging your nails.

Don't bite your nails.
It's a really simple and important tip but easier said than done. I had a bad habit of biting my nails when i was about 10 or 12 so my mum made me wear nailing biting polish where it tastes awful if you attempt to bite your nails with it on, a good deterrent if nothing else works for you. 

Avoid using your nails as a tool.
Each time you use your nails to open something or pick at something, they become weaker and more damaged. Use scissors to open packages (don't pick at the sticky tape they come in!) and knives to open coke cans. You will notice the benefits that come with these little changes through the health of your nails.

Take notice of the nail polish remover you use. 
Most nail polish removers contain a chemical called acetone which is a harsh agent on your nails because it dries them out and damages your cuticles. However, acetone also makes it easier to remove polish so you have to find a balance and see if you can put in the bit of extra effort scrubbing your nails with acetone free remover or if you really need it. If you find that you can't live without the acetone then try getting moisturising or strengthening acetone nail polish removers so you are at least getting some benefits when you use it.

Buff your nails. 
Like your face, your nails need to be exfoliated as well. Buffing your nails removes any bumpy particles on your nail and leaves a smooth base to put polish on.
Use a cuticle oil.
Cuticle oils ensure that your cuticles remain moisturised and healthy. Healthy cuticles promote nail growth so it is important not to forget about them because how you treat your nail beds determines a large part of the health of your nails.

File your nails.
Filing your nails is important because it keeps the shape of your nail and smoothness of the edge. For the best result use a glass nail file because the emory boards splinter due to their harsh sandpaper like ways. Nail files are also useful if you don't like clipping or cutting your nails, to file them down to the length you like.

Use a hand cream. 
A hand cream provides moisture for what surrounds your nails, fingers and hands, which are just as important as the actual nail. Only thing is to not put it on before polish because it leaves a greasy residue and your polish won't last as long. 

Improve your diet.
If you have learnt anything from this post let it be that a lot of other factors influence the health of your nails, other than your nails (hands, skin, cuticles). So diet is very important in your nails health inside and out. You probably know but your nails are made out of protein so make sure you eat lots of protein to help regrow and build your nails strength. You can find protein in meat and dairy but if your a vegetarian you can still find protein in soy products and nuts.

TIP 10
Use good quality nail products.
I'm just going to finish of by telling you some nail brands I trust and reccomend as well as some that I dislike. I reccomend Cutex, OPI, Sally Hansen, China Glaze, FOA and Essie. I dislike Rimmel, Maybelline, Ulta3, BYS and Sugarbaby.


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