Sunday, November 27, 2011


Hey girls,
It has been a while since I did an update so I figured I would inform everyone of things that have happened, recent events and exciting things coming up.

I think I will start off with my birthday which is today and just thank every single one of you who wished me a happy birthday. It made my day to see all of you kind people who took the time out of their day to send me a little birthday message. It made my birthday so special to see that not only my family and friends I know in real life are celebrating my birthday but also those of you who I have met on the internet! It's just insane and overwhelming how lovely you all are. I appreciate every single one of you and can't put into words how much you all mean to me!!

I recently became an iPhone 4s owner and have been loving the way it lets me interact with all of you while out and about. Before this phone, I had a HTC Touch Pro 2 which did have email and everything like that but for some reason it's just so much more convenient on an iPhone! I have become good friends with Siri!! I found some gorgeous cases at one of those phone case kiosks that I thought I would show but have also ordered a few off eBay so I'm waiting on those to arrive. I have the white 64GB one and I seriously don't know why it's 64GB (I will never need that much space!) but it was a gift so I didn't exactly chose that or anything. The only sad thing is that my iPad is black and because my iPhone is white..they don't match. So I'm working on looking for a case to make my iPad look white or I'm going to have to go to Apple and pay them to change it (they can do that!). The only reason I even purchased the black iPad is because I preordered mine as white but they mixed it up and it came as black but i didn't want to wait another month to get more stock in so I was stuck with black and it hasn't mattered until now. There are so many more apps for iPhones than there are for iPads so I'm discovering all these amazing apps new to me! I think that's all..yep..onto the next topic!

I have a couple of really exciting companies I'm going to be introducing you to in upcoming videos and blogs! The first is Kawaii Companions where I will be reviewing some really adorable jewellery! The second one is gvsavings1 which is an online makeup shop which sells a variety of brands including ELF, MAC, Cherry Lashes, Ardell Lashes etc. So i think those will be really exciting reviews that you girls may be interested in so look out for those!

On another note, school is finished for the year and I have two months holiday now until the next year begins! Next year is my last year of high school and I am so excited to make it the best year yet! I'm even more excited now that I have so much extra time to update my blog, make YouTube videos, reply to emails, tweet, etc. Exams were so stressful this week but I am just so glad that it is over and very ready for Summer shopping, fashion, beach, swimming, bikinis, flip flops, coral colours and end of year parties! Christmas is rapidly approaching so I will have some christmas recipes up on my cooking blog, festive nails, makeup, hair, fashion and gift guides! Then we will repeat the process for New Years!!

I hope you are all really well. Thank you so much for reading my blog and sticking with me. Stay safe and take care!


SilhouetteScreams said...

I'm a little late to the party but happy birthday! ^_____^ *throws glitter*

Unknown said...

Do you blog from your ipad? x

Jordy said...

I don't generally use my iPad for blogging just because the virtual keyboard isn't very convenient :)

MissAshDG said...

ahhhh that case is great!