Monday, December 26, 2011


Hey girls,
At first glance this may just seem like a shoe haul but these pumps have a story behind them, I assure you!!
So it was boxing day today (If you don't live in Australia, NZ, Canada or UK your probably not sure about what this is. It is the first or second weekday after Christmas and on that day most shops have massive sales!) and of course I had to go check out the sales! The main sales that interested me were Swarovski and Guess because they hardly ever discount items! I decided to check out Guess which was 50% off everything store wide and when I did I was accompanied by a swarm of other girls who wanted in on the sale also! Everyone was going crazy and throwing stuff around and messing displays up, it was something from a movie and the store was seriously getting trashed!!
I decided to head over to the shoe/handbag room which was actually a stock room transformed just for the sale so they could hold more customers and there was packaging, empty boxes and lone shoes all over the place but the sale had only been going on for a couple of hours! I saw a pair of shoes that really caught my eye (pictured above) and had to have them because New Years is coming up and I for some reason feel the need to buy a new pair of shoes just for the occasion..may be my shoe fetish taking over! The only problem was finding my size!!! So I managed to find one size 7 left shoe but couldn't find a right anywhere, I felt like I had searched everywhere and at this stage I gave up and put the size 7 left shoe I was holding down.
I guess a few other girls were watching me the whole time waiting for me to put the size 7 shoe down so that they could have it and look for the other one so once I put the shoe down a girl went straight for it. I was about to leave when I saw that there was boxes packed up high that noone had noticed on a shelf in the corner so I checked over there and saw the name of the shoe I was looking for on the box! I was so excited but was kicking myself because maybe there was only one size 7 shoe and I just put the other one down! There was two size 8's, a size 9 and one size 7 1/2. I knew that 7 1/2 wasn't my exact size and it probably wouldn't fit but I proceeded to try them on and took a size 8 just in case it was small sizing anyway and at this stage, the girl who was looking for the other size 7 shoe saw me trying them on and freaked out because she knew they would be a size 7 or similar as that was the size shoe I was trying to find the other one of!
She went and searched in the direction I found mine from but of course there were only size 8's and 9's left so she became really upset and asked one of the girls working there to ask me which size I had! I realized that the 7 1/2 could be adjusted to fit my foot perfectly so I was super excited and happy that I found a pair that fit me and because noone had looked in the boxes packed up high they were brand new and in packaging, not even tried on before I tried them on. Once the girl who was after the same size realized I had a 7 1/2 she was seriously death staring me (I am not kidding, she was really obviously and rudely glaring at me!) and I couldn't believe someone would be so upset over a pair of shoes but I loved them so much and wasn't giving them up!
I put the size 8 back and went to go pay for the size 7 1/2 and as I was paying I saw her running to where I put the size 8 back so she must have thought it might have been the 7 1/2 and she looked really angry once she realized it was an 8 and started screaming at one of the girls working about how they should have pairs not individual shoes. So I paid for my shoes and left, I have no idea what happened to the girl who was looking for the same shoes I got; maybe she found the other shoe, found another pair, bought a size too big/too small or gave up.
I would usually feel bad for taking the last pair of shoes in the size but I just think the way she acted was really immature and she looked a lot older than me so to be acting like that over a pair of shoes I found to be ridiculous! So the shoes were originally $179 but with the 50% off they came down to $89.50!! Such a good bargain for Guess and now I have some amazing shoes for New Years!!
You have probably seen from the pictures but they are suede hot pink with multicolour glitter sling back pump  with a 5 inch stiletto gold mirrored heel, platform sole and peep-toe. They are in the design Billows Intense Pink.
If your interested in purchasing these you can click on you can check them out here and here.
If you celebrate Boxing Day where you live, tell me if you went out shopping and if you did, do you have a "Crazy Boxing Day Sale Story"?


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Lima said...

Ahh this is why I refuse to go shopping on Boxing day, I get so caught up in it that I tend to get pretty agressive as well.

Those are some lovely pair of shoes! You've got to post of a pic of these in your new years outfit! xx

Corrina said...

Wow those shoes are absolutely amazing!! I'm glad you got them after all that trouble hehe!

Tamara said...

very glam and cute! but one, i couldnt walk in them and two definitely too rich for my pockets lol Im sure they look great on you :D