Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Hey girls,
Today I stopped by Dotti which is an Australian clothing store and I only picked up three things but I thought I would share them with you! I think they are gorgeous and I am so excited to style them and play around with wearing all of the pieces!!
 Everything I mention should still be in stores so if your interested in purchasing any of these items you should be able to find them. I also included a picture of the tag so that it might help if your looking for it.
The first thing is this gorgeous hot pink bandage dress with amazing strap details at the back! I am seriously in love with this and think that if it was paired with black heels and bangles it will look very put together! When I saw this, I had to have it! Usually I wait for things to go on sale if their expensive but I didn't want it to sell out so I bought it anyway! You will probably find my whinging when I see it goes on sale!

 This picture does not even slightly show how gorgeous this top is in person! It is a lovely black silk material that feels amazing against your skin and forms to your body beautifully! The design is quite baggy so I may pair this with a belt just to show my figure a little better but I also love the sleeves and how they hang! The pocked adds an adorable little detail and the neckline is a perfect height.

 I am so impressed with the quality of this top because it's made out of such a soft and smooth fabric but it wasn't even that expensive! I thought this would be a cute top for layering over a plain black or white top. I also got the black and gold version but I was wearing it when I was taking pictures but I'm sure you will see me wearing it in an upcoming YouTube video or OOTD.

I am so excited to wear some of these pieces and can't wait to play around with styling them with other pieces from my wardrobe! Of course if your interested in purchasing any of these items, they should still be in stores and I hope the tags help you find them.


Bex said...

All the items look lovely, I especially love the silk black top :)
Bex x

happy hour 24/7 said...

it's always cool to see what clothing items are available in other countries! i love the silver/mesh flowy tank top. very pretty.