Saturday, January 14, 2012


Hey girls, 
This is a review on a super cute dress jewellery company called Kawaii Companions. The design I am going to be talking about is "ichigo" who is an adorable little strawberry character! Keep reading to hear more about it!
image owned by Kawaii Companions
What Kawaii Companions are all about:
Have you ever found the end of a rainbow?
Have you ever heard the trees whisper your name?
Have you ever visited an edible wonderland?
Welcome to the magical world of kawaii companions. Meet characters such as ichingo and sakura who live in sweetyland where everyone is made out of something delicious! Learn about the companions and become their friends!
 So this is the ichigo ring which you can purchase here and I am so in love with it! The quality is absolutely amazing, it is seriously so durable and well made! The three little diamonds for it's eyes and nose are glued down so well and the layers are well glued on top of each other giving a really cute three dimensional little character.
 I love that this ring is realizable so it will fit everyone's fingers and any finger you want it to! So the main thing is how adorable it is!!! Seriously, so cute!! I can't wait for more little characters to come out and I can imagine this would be such a great thing to collect!
The necklace is just as well made and durable as the ring and the chain is great also! It comes fairly long but you can re size it to be whatever length your comfortable with! I just adore the cute little green strip as it's feet and it's super cute little eyes as well as the beautiful pink diamonds on it! Seriously so cute! You can purchase the necklace here.
I am seriously obsessed with kawaii companions and can't wait for more characters to come out! If your interested in purchasing some ichigo check out the Kawaii Companions website!