Monday, February 13, 2012


Hey girls,
So it's the night before Valentines and I just finished my last minute present! I really wanted to share this with you girls because some of you might be in the same situation and looking for a quick night before present like I was. I hope this gives you some inspiration or saves you if you have left things until the last minute like I did.
Okay so this present is pretty simple, very crafty but a little time consuming. It's basically a big box made pretty with a little box of love vouchers, a book about why you love your special someone, chocolates, a card and if you have anything else to give him like a game, underwear or socks. Keep reading to find out how to make this box, step by step!
Book about why you love your boyfriend so much.
Step 1: Start off with a basic hard spined book.
Step 2: Take some pretty construction paper and size it to the book, first glueing on the cover flap of one side.
Step 3: Then glue one of the sides of the book onto the construction paper.
Step 4: Now the other side of the book onto the construction paper.
Step 5: Just simply cut off all the excess construction paper and your little book is finished.
Step 6: Don't forget to use sticky letters to spell out a cute message on the cover. Of course use the inside to express how much you love your boyfriend, why his so special and what makes you adore him so much.
Box of vouchers
Step 1: Take your box and put glue all of the top to place your construction paper over.
Step 2: Flip the box over and glue the front paper to the underneath of the front flap.
Step 3: Fiddle around with covering the underneath of your front flap while making it look neat and pretty.
Step 4: Then use sticky letters to write a cute message on the front.
Step 5: Now it's time to make your vouchers! Take squares of paper and fold them in half. On the top write something like "This voucher entitles you to" or "A voucher just for you".
Step 6: Inside is where you can get really creative and write a heap of cute and nice things you can do for your boyfriend.
Box lid
Step 1 and 2: Take a bow and place it in the centre of the box.
Step 3 and 4: Use some glitter squiggles or something similar to create a border around your box. 
Inside the box
Step 1: Cover your whole box with some cute paper, making sure to cover all of the white.
Step 2: Use cellophane in the base of the box.
Step 3: Include his favourite treat/chocolate.
Step 4: Add your vouchers box and book about why you love him as well as any other little extras you have.
So that was my last minute Valentines Day gift, it seriously doesn't take long to grab all of this stuff of the shelf at a craft store but it takes a lot of effort to personalise it and make it your own. Anyone recieving this I think would be delighted and thankful because it is a very nice handmade gesture that definitley demonstrates how much you love your boyfriend!

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How lovely!! What a wonderful gift! :D