Monday, May 7, 2012


Hey girls, 
So recently I went to my school formal and I wanted to share with you all what I wore as well as how I did my makeup, hair, nails etc. I decided I would save my money and skip a tan as well as do my own hair and makeup because I felt I was pretty capable to do so considering I love beauty and have all the products. This allowed me to spend more money on my dress and shoes which I loved! I have included prices just in case your budgeting for your prom/formal and were curious about how much other people spend on average. Lets get started...

Dress ($700)
I absolutely loved the dress I ended up wearing! I has a bit of drama finding my dress as I ordered online and when the dress came it was way too big so I had to reorder! I ended up ordering two just in case one didn't work out, I would definitely have a dress. It was between a red and a blue but I obviously decided on the blue after asking all of my lovely Instagram followers.

Accessories ($140)
I saved money on my clutch by reusing it from my Semi Formal because it matched perfectly as a blue silver! My corsage was white orchids and came to around $50 I think. My shoes were silver glitter, enclosed pumps and by a brand called Lipstick so they cost $80. Earring were a bargain from Equip for $10! I'm not counting my diamond bracelet because it wasn't purchased specifically for this occasion and was a gift.

Makeup (did myself)
I did my own makeup and was really proud of the work I did on myself because I don't consider myself a professional at all and it looked just as good as all of the other girls makeup. I was going for a really glamorous winged eyeliner and red lips look. 
Products used:
Eyes: MAC shadows, Revlon lashes, Chanel eyeliner.
Face: Chanel foundation, blush, bronzer and powder.
Lips: Revlon Lip Butter in "Candy Apple" with MAC "Love Alert" Dazzleglass.  
Hair (did myself)
I was most nervous about my hair because I didn't do a trial and I don't usually put my hair in up-do's like I usually put makeup on. I even considered having it done professionally many times but I was really happy in the end that I did it myself because I thought it looked nice. I used my Modiva 32mm curling iron to curl my hair to the side and then I used blonde bobby pins to pin up all of the curls into a side bun. I then curled some front bits of hair and then I placed two little blue rose hair accessories (that matched the blue roses on my dress) into my bun. I loved the way it turned out and am so happy I didn't pay to have it done professionally.

Here are some pictures from the evening
I had a lovely time, it was so fun getting all dressed up to have dinner with your friends with lots of foods, photos and dancing!


Anonymous said...

You look amazing!!! That dress is so incredibly beautiful! :D

Krissy said...

$700 for that dress!? Exxy!
At my year 12 formal the most I spent on my dress was $250 and even that was among the top range of prices among my friends.
I guess people are spending more on formal dresses these days!

You look lovely, you did your hair and makeup very well!

Unknown said...

you look absolutely gorgeous !

Leslie K. said...

Your dress look perfect & gorgeous & your makeup was so pretty. Hope you had an amazing time. Thx for sharing.

Unknown said...

Super gorgeous formal photos! :) the dress is so pretty on you

Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous.