Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Hey girls, 
Recently I have fallen back in love with NYX products so purchased some more! I get asked so often where I buy my NYX from and I purchase mine from Cherry Culture. I wanted to share all the products I picked up including swatches.
I picked up five round lipsticks and two jumbo eye pencils. With all of the swatches, the photo on top is the colour with flash and the photo underneath is the colour without flash.
Starting off with Louisiana! This is my favourite purchase out of the whole haul because I have been wanting this lipstick for so long but everytime I have tried to buy it, it has unfortunately been sold out! Luckily this time I was able to get my hands on it and I couldn't be happier! It's a gorgeous bright barbie pink with red undertones. This is nearly a perfect dupe for MAC Lustering.
Thalia is a dusty pink nude colour and I don't typically go for these sorts of brownish lipsticks but I thought I would give it a go with the NYX Round Lipsticks since they are so inexpensive. It's quite a nice glossy consistency and is also well pigmented.  
 Rose Bud is a frosty peach colour with gold shimmer. A little too frosty for everyday wear but I can't wait to find an opportunity to wear this.
 Similar to Rose Bud, Rose is a very frosty colour but this one is more pinky red rather than peach.
 Chloe is a vibrant fuchsia pink with obvious blue undertones which heavily shine through the pink. This is a great teeth whitening lipstick that's very bold and daring. 
This was my first NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil purchase and it was of course 604 "Milk". It's a super pigmented and creamy white which can be used as a base to make any colours put over the top appear more vibrant.
The second NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil that I picked up was 603 "Pots & Pans" which will definitely come in good use when creating a smokey eye to help silver shadows appear brighter.


Unknown said...

Great haul & swatches !
I have been looking at the NYX lipsticks for a while now && after this post I'm sure I'm going to buy a few of them.
Because for some reason when you show me lipstick I end up buying it hihi ;]

Boho Vanity said...

Thalia is one of my favorite by NYX! xx