Saturday, July 21, 2012


Hey girls,
I am constantly trying out new products and finding new makeup to love so I am happy to welcome the Face of Australia Mini Mousse cream eyeshadows into my makeup favourites! Keep reading to find out more about these and what makes them so aweosme.
I love using these as eyeshadow bases, the same concept as a NYX jumbo eye pencil or MAC paint pot. The white can be put under all eyeshadow colours whereas the pinky nude and bronzey gold only suit shadow of that colour.
Pink Maddison is a gorgeous shimmery nude. Some people have told me that this is a cream version of Stila Kitten eyeshadow but I feel like the colouring of this is too pale and less gold for this to be accurate. Still, a lovely colour to place all over the lid by itself or underneath a pale shimmery shadow.
Snow White is a plain matte white which is perfect as a base to any eyeshadow and will ensure that the colours you put onto your eyes come off true to colour and more vibrant. This is so versatile and can be used to help create so many different eyeshadow looks!
Bronze Briony is a warm toned deep golden colour. It reminds me so much of MAC Amber Lights eyeshadow. This is such a pretty colour for autumn and winter!

Thank you so much for reading, I definitley recommend these products and hope you try them out!


beauty babe❤ said...

They sound great!! I love the look of the pinky nude one! x

Sophie said...

These look so gorgeous! How much were they each? Great post btw!

Sophie xx

Unknown said...

Great review!
I actually want to try these, are they only sold in Australia or also other places in the world, like Europe? (:

Ashlee said...

These looks amazing! I especially love the bronze one! Gorgeous for summer!

THIRTEEN said...

Lovely post, Jordy!

We nominated you for an award on our blog. Check it out :)

Kendall & Tiana