Thursday, August 9, 2012


Hey girls,
I love it when drugstore dupes are made for high end products! Mineral highlighting, before a quite expensive task with a MAC Mineralize Skinfinish,  is now made affordable with the Revlon ColorStay Mineral Finishing Powder. Both these products have the exact same purpose as each other, to highlight, the only difference being the price. Keep reading if your interested to find out if the MAC MSF is worth investing in or the Revlon MFP does just as good of a job.
I much prefer the packing of the MAC MSF because the rounded corners make it so easy to hold and store rather than the harsh square shape of the Revlon MFP. This probably isn't so important but I thought I would mention it anyway. The square casing also makes the product much harder to open than the MAC MSF.

Despite both products being amazing highlighters, there is a giant price difference between them! The MAC MSF retails for $47 in Australia whereas you can pick up the Revlon MFP for $15. Obviously the Revlon MFP is better value but also keep in mind that with a MAC MSF you receive 10g of product but with a Revlon MFP you only receive 8.79g.
In the pan, the colours look really different but when swatched they look nearly identical! Obviously there are other shades for both products so you could find a better dupe but I just used the products I already had to do this comparison of the product as a whole, not just colour. Featured is the MAC MSF in "Soft and Gentle" and the Revlon MFP is in "010 Brighten". MAC MSF "Starwonder" is very similar to "Brighten" and there is a bronzer version of the Revlon MFP which would be closer to colour for "Soft and Gentle". The Revlon MFP is also very similar to Too Faced "Pink Leopard".
Swatched on the left is Revlon MFP in "Brighten" and on the right is MAC MSF in "Soft and Gentle". As you can see, there is little difference between the colours and they are both nearly the exact same texture. I must admit that the MAC MSF is much more buttery and smooth so the product comes off easier whereas the Revlon MFP feels much more compressed and its more effort to get the payoff that the MAC MSF provides with little effort. 

Thanks for reading, I hope this review/comparison was helpful!


Sydney Kelly said...

Hey Jordy, love this post! You are so good at finding makeup dupes! I love reading your blog posts!

P.S How did you get ur signature name like that at the end of each post?


Sydney Kelly said...

Hey Jordy, great post! You are so good at finding makeup dupes! Love to read your blog posts!

P.S How do you get your name signature like that at the end of ur posts?


Jordy's Spot said...

@Sydney Kelly
Hey :)
Thank you haha! I like people to know if they can get things cheaper :)

To create my signature I used PhotoShop and created a word image then I just copy and paste it after every post :)

- Jordy xx

Sydney Kelly said...

Ok... Thank you so much Jordy for letting me know! :DD


My name is Julia said...

Great comparisment !
very interesting to read (: