Monday, August 13, 2012


Hey girls, 
I have been loving mineralized products recently and these baked eyeshadows from Maybelline are no exception. I love everything about these and thought they deserved to be talked about so I'm here with swatches and a review for the four shadows I have from this range.
My overall impressions of this range is that they are very similar to MAC Mineralized Eyeshadows, I can even do a comparison between them like I did with the MAC MSF and the Revlon MFP which you can check out here. I have noticed a lot of drugstore brands attempting to recreate the MAC Mineralized products and so far it has been a very pleasing effort. These shadows have great pigmentation and really impressive quality due to the buttery formulation. The range also has a great colour selection, the only negative I have about the colours are that there aren't enough neutrals in the range but it's nice to have colours as a change from some collections which stick to only neutrals. Okay so onto the swatches of the four shadows I have.
20 Navy Narcissist- The solid colour side is a bright navy blue. The other side is a mixture of light blue, dark blue, pink and, black and a bit of white. When all of the colours are mixed together and swatched, it turns into a deep smokey blue.
70 Ivy Icon- This solid colour side is a shimmery olive green. The other side is a mixture of light green, dark green with a dash of gold. When all of the colours are mixed together and swatched, it turns into a slightly darker version of the solid olive colour next to the marbleized side.
10 Lawless Lavender- The solid colour side is a shimmery mid toned plum. The other side is a mixture of the plum shade and a goldish pink, swatched as a light lilac.
05 Carbon Frost- This one is my favourite because I can imagine myself creating a beautiful pink smokey eye with this one! The solid colour side is a smokey black with silver shimmer. The other portion of the eyeshadow is a shimmery champagne pink.

So that's what I think about these eyeshadows and some swatches of them so if you like any of these colours then you can head towards your nearest Target, Kmart, Big W, Priceline, Pharmacy or anywhere you know that sells Maybelline and check if they have these eyeshadows available for you to try out.


Unknown said...

absolutely gorgeous !

SuburbanFairy said...

You can buy these at my local pound shop, i never know whether to buy them or not but i might give them a go!

Sophie said...

These look great! How much are they?

Sophie xx

Jordy said...

I think they were $8 or $10 :)